The Evolution Of Enima And What Every Underground Artist Should Learn

The Evolution Of Enima And What Every Underground Artist Should Learn

Enima Is Far From An Overnight Success And Here’s Why!

It became undeniable that Enima is a dominating figure in Montreal’s rap scene. The French rapper had a phenomenal rise to success last year with over a million views, thousands of album sales, streamings  and many concert tickets sold.

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While some people may think that the “MMS” rapper came out of nowhere, we decided to dig deeper in his journey as a rapper and understand why this artist shook the scene the way he did.

Humble Beginnings


Enima made his first solo appearance online 6 years ago with the track “Fuck Le 9-5” and at this stage of his career you could already notice certain key features of his music. The melodies, flows and the themes discussed were early signs of what his sound would be about in the future.

Regardless of the budget, creative idea behind your music and what you can deliver as an artist,  you have to start where you are and mature until they recognize your talent.

The Image You’re Selling

A couple years after his first solo release, Enima dropped the song called “Gonflé/Sauce” which was well received but it didn’t grab the public’s attention the way it should yet. At this point, Enima was definitely building the image that some love or hate today.

Luxury cars, jewelry, designer clothes and all our favourite elements of  gangster rap were in the video (they even chopped a body at the end!). It was definitely an overview of his signature as an artist while nothing yet predicted if he would get a buzz in the future.

Certain fans complain about Enima being too focus on certain topics like his lifestyle as a pimp, the streets and everything that evolves around that. If your music is supposed to reflect on your life and how you see it then to me he’s an artist who literally found a thousand ways to do that!

As an artist, you’re selling more than your music. Just think about all the videos we grew up to and what you remember from them. Montreal is now moving away from the ”me and my boys on a block” videos and you should too (for real).

Let’s admit it, some good visuals and the image that goes with it make you connect with the rapper and then you want to know more about his work.

In simple words, build an image that your audience can identify with, make them dream with your lifestyle or way of thinking and soon the fan base will come.

Develop Your Own Sound

A lot of hip hop heads consider Enima as a French version of a Us rapper but to me his sound represents Montreal regardless. The slang he uses are typical expressions we can hear in the east end of Montreal while he maintains the caliber and mainstream appeal of rappers from France.

Production wise, he definitely has the ear for picking beats and his catalog is impressive in terms of sound and influences from what’s going on in hip hop today.

Making a song is a combination of so many different elements, when you find that right formula like he did; throw it on the market and look how the public reacts. If they like it, you know exactly what to do next : DROP THEM BANGERS!

The Hit

Every artist is looking for a breakthrough at one point another, sometimes you’re at the right place at the right time then you get signed and sometimes you drop a bomb and the world changes forever.

On his part, Enima took the second route by dropping what would become the first of a long list of hits. If you didn’t figure out yet, I’m talking about his cult song : “MMS”.

While some people might think that “MMS” was just a remix of a popular song, it quickly grabbed the public while gaining thousand of  views, a serious fan base and spins in the local clubs.

Give Them More Than Music

I respect an artist that knows how to show me different sides of him or her through music. Most of all, I respect an artist that introduces me to his day to day lifestyle in an entertaining way.

Enima is not an exception to this rule and he made it clear that he was about that life on and off the studio. Some might remember his 200K challenge in which he challenged Montreal rappers to show 200 000$ on camera to see if their money was good.

At one point people tried to discredit him with a video of him caught in the middle of traffic to give him a ”WorldStar” moment. You know what they say : ”bad publicity is still publicity’.

The “Cette Nuit” rapper turned this situation around and manage to use the video in his advantage while keeping his credibility intact.

The Consistency Factor

Even though the content of his music is controversial for sensible ears, anybody with common sense must admit that this artist is familiar with the terms : NEVER STOP.

In 12 months only, Enima dropped multiple songs,3 mixtapes, 7 videos in a row, performed at various concerts and made several headlines through DMS, Inter-Peura, Haute Culture and now most recently Montrealgotstyle.

While still on his rise to the top, focusing more on performing all over Quebec, the artist just dropped a video for his song called “Henny” which predicts a hot summer for the rapper.

Watch Now

Hate It Or Love It?

You can hate it or love it but Enima’s career is definitely on a good run so far and we hope to see more coming from him in a near future. I believe that this is a good sign for any upcoming artist that this is now doable!

Do you think Montreal is now entering in an era in which local artists could actually live off their music? Let us know your opinion in the comment section now!



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