I Secretly Want My High School Reunion To Be Like This Drake Music Video

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I Secretly Want My High School Reunion To Be Like This Drake Music Video

This Drake Music Video Had Me Thinking….

Earlier this week, we were blessed enough to get a new Drake music video from the 6 god and we can tell he’s still on his social media takeover with another meme worthy special,

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In mist of the Pusha T controversy, Drake decided that it was time for us to go back in time. His new song called ”I’m Upset” has gathered enough momentum since its release and now it was time to turn it to a Drake music video.

For the occasion, he brought back the whole cast of Degrassi cast for a high school reunion (oh and for those who said Emma was average, ya’ll crazy).

Luxury, suit up and a good dose of ”Damn Homie, After High School I’m Still The Man Homie”. Let’s dissect this new drake music video and talk about the real meaning behind it.

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How Do You Visualize Your Own High Reunion?

I don’t know for you, but the high school reunion for me was always a concern that I had even at 15 years old. Not to say that you have to care about what people think.

Perhaps some us might feel like it’s a point of your life where you have to have something to prove, achievements to insert in the conversation.

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Cc: via Drake’s ”I’m Upset” video

Let’s fast forward 10 years after my own high school graduation. I can’t consider myself as a failure at all but I’m far from the cardiologist I’ve once wanted to be (sorry momma).

When I was 15 years old, I knew two things: I wanted to be rich and I wanted to build an empire. To make matters worst, in my graduation speech, I wrote something around the lines of : ”I’m out of here! See ya’ll when you will be on MY payroll”.

After seeing this new Drake music video, I felt like this is exactly how my high school reunion should go down though.

A Ferrari car and a good time with my favorite buddy from high school (cause we all had our own Spinner). Like Drake, I would keep the ”I run sh*t here” vibe in the process.

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Cc: via Giphy

At 27 years old now, I don’t feel like I have anything to prove anyone. Whether you admit or not, we all secretly wish for that ”Look At Me Now” moment that makes those reunions less….awkward I guess.

While I used to fear that existential question of : ”What Do You Do Now?”. I now have the most vague and straight to the point answer to respond : ”I’m living my best life bro! What about you?

How Would You Like Your Own

High School Reunion

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