Drizzy Drake Is Back Doing Television But It’s Not What You Think

Will We Get ”Jimmy” Back Though?!

Drizzy Drake Is Back Doing Television But It  8217 s Not What You Think

Drizzy Drake Is Everywhere!

The time has come ladies and gents, the moment some of us been waiting for and others been anticipating while biting their nails in a frenzy: Drizzy Drake is back on television (BUT there’s a but)!.

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A decade later, who would ever thought that Aubrey Graham would’ve been anything else than ”Jimmy in the wheelchair”.  One thing’s for sure, Drizzy Drake has had his fair chair of ups and downs on his journey.

Drake made his acting debut in 2005, in Degrassi: TheNext Generation which was quite a good look at the time. That same acting gig was in fact one of the major factors why a lo of people discredited him at the beginning of his rap career.

For some reason, I always thought it would’ve go back to acting at one point or another. I mean think about all the SNL performances, the goofy commercials and the abundance of meme-worthy moments he gave us last decade.

Being the rap/pop star that he is, we could’ve expect a major role, a huge cameo or even him hosting something. Surprisingly enough, Drizzy Drake is returning in the television world but BEHIND the camera.

Indeed, it’s now officially announced that Drake is the executive producer for ”Euphoria”. The teen drama show is actually going to be quite similar to ”13 Reasons Why” and it’s starring the teen star actress Zendaya.

There are no specific details about when it’s going to air yet. I’m actually curious to see what Drake will be able to pull off as an executive producer.

For any of our readers who might doubt this man ability to make this show pop. Remember that he’s the Machiavelliesque mind that has once upon a time conceptualized the  infamous”Hotline Bling” video once.

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