Jahseh Onfroy (Xxxtentacion)’s Tragic Death & What’s Actually Wrong About Society


Jahseh Onfroy  Xxxtentacion   8217 s Tragic Death   038  What  8217 s Actually Wrong About Society

Jahseh Onfroy Was Just A Human Being But The Internet Never Forgets

Jahseh Onfroy alias Xxxtentacion was shot and killed yesterday in his hometown in a robbery that went wrong. Besides losing another talented young individual, it made me reflect on a lot of disturbing things I saw on my timeline in the last 24 hours.

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The very fact that he was robbed and killed broad day light in the middle of Miami is pure nonesense. I was listening to an old 50 cent joint in which he said:

It’s Like Tradition, Rap N****as Die In Their Whips. 

So I’ve Spent A Little Chips To Bulletproof My Sh*t


Xxxtentacion getting gunned down by drive-by shooters made the line resonate loud and clear. People described ”X” as a man of the people who would hang out in local parks and talk to his fans on the street.

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Was it about jealousy? Did the ”Sad” singer had beef in the street?  Or was it just that good old greed, that envy and that desire to strip someone from his possessions because you can’t get it on your own and it burns down your soul.

A bunch of things we’ll probably never know. A part of the world is already setting up a new X-might-be-hidding-in-Cuba-with-2pac conspiracy while the few people with logic understands that this is just the cons of the job.

Never get it twisted, being a rapper is a J-O-B. Even though you don’t clock in, clock out there are still stuffs you have to deal with and its hard.

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Cc: via tenor

When you fill the application for ”Rapper Inc”, after all the ”More Money Than You Can Imagine” and the ”Women By The Caseload” clauses. There’s one specific task at the bottom line of the contract and it says :

Stay Alive By Any Means

Every genre has their issues. Rockstars deal with drugs, rappers deal with someone trying to kill them in every corner. Perhaps, when does it stops though?

I was 6 when Tupac & Biggie started what became a ”tradition”. Fast forward today, things haven’t changed much but yesterday something really caught my attention.

If Tupac & Biggie stories were taken place in 2018, you know what would’ve been different? Quite simple, people would’ve rushed to their car like kids running after the ice cream truck.

Not for assistance, concern or anything that would make them less of zombie-like beings. They would Snapchat/Ig Story’ed  those legends lifeless bodies. Trust me, they would Facebook Story the whole thing even though no one cares about FB stories.

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How do I know? Because that’s exactly what they did to Jahseh Onfroy. They even had time to zoom in on the bullet entry point in his head.

They had multiple angles, the black bar with the now infamous ”X Shot” as a caption turning this into a moment. At this point and time, I was even surprised of not seeing special hashtags such as #xxxtentacionmurderscene trending (please don’t do it!).

What does it says about our society? What if this selfie session would’ve been replaced by an emergency call? It could’ve been the call that would’ve make the difference? Once again, A bunch of things we’ll probably never know.

One thing I do know though is this, in this Black-Mirror-season-2-episode-2  era people are desensitized to a point where it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Oddly enough in comparison, helping this kid who just got shot was too hard to do but disrespecting his memory and saying he deserves what happened is so easy.

Jahseh Onfroy alias Xxxtentacion, was only 20 years old, had his life ahead of him and had another lifetime to prove to us that he was more than the allegations the internet is currently bringing him down for.

I don’t know what inspired him to write ”Sad” but the current climate of things probably reflects how might’ve felt.  Rest in peace to a true musical genius and let’s instead celebrate the impact he had in such a short time.

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