Jack Rouge Is The New Hot Place In The Plateau For A Different Kind Of Culinary Experience

A Different Kind Of Experience…

Jack Rouge Is The New Hot Place In The Plateau For A Different Kind Of Culinary Experience

Jack Rouge, An Atmosphere, A Vibe And The Food That Goes With It…

On beautiful Friday night, I got introduced to a sublime establishment that bring together good food, ambiance and a celebrity chef under the same roof, the place is called Jack Rouge.

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In the middle of ”The Plateau” Jack Rouge has a can’t help but notice look to it.

Don’t get the bright lights outside confuse you, the place welcomes intimacy and the let’s grab a drink and talk about the good old days moments.

Jean-Philippe Saint-Denis

The chef  up in the kitchen is none other than Jean-Philippe Saint-Denis who previously ran Kitchen Gallerie & Brasserie Holder just to name a few

We were invited, among other guests and medias for a taste of their exquisite menu.

At the rendez-vous we had tartar, wings, octopus and many other wonders that they have on the menu.

Speaking of wonders, their selection of drinks/cocktails is also a standout.

One thing that Jack Rouge nails right, is DOSAGE (I had a hard time to properly order an Uber if you know what I mean).

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so here are a couple thousands to let you know what this place is about.

jack rouge restaurant, jack rouge montrealjack-rouge-1

jack rouge, jack rouge montreal, montreal food placesjack rouge

Jack Rouge is the perfect hybrid too.

Half restaurant, half bar, it’s also a spot where you can put your worries away as soon as you push its red door.

jack rouge, montreal restaurants, montreal food, montreal foodie

Important fact, at a certain time of the night, all of the lights switches to red and it kind of sets the tone for the rest of the night (it definitely did for me none the less).

If you’re looking for a good thrill while going on a culinary adventure, I surely, strongly, absolutely recommend this place.

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