Casey Neistat Is Coming To Mtl And This Is Why Montreal Youtubers Should Care

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Casey Neistat Is Coming To Mtl And This Is Why Montreal Youtubers Should Care

Dear Montreal Youtubers, The Time Is Now!

I remember having a deep conversation with my fellow content creator, Steve Daniel, about what’s missing for Montreal Youtubers to blow up. Well, definitely not creativity but there’s this je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it hard for us to put the city on the map properly.

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Casey Neistat is not the father of vlogging but he sure perfected it. From documenting his day to day life, running around New York, traveling around the world and displaying some cool gadgets for us to look anxiously at the piggy bank; he did it all.

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Beyond that, Neistat is one of the few who really turned Youtube into a business empire (I mean even Forbes said he was the future!). Creating a fan base and finding the line between good and G-R-E-A-T content, the everyday struggle of a content creator.

After typing the words ”How To Make A Million On Youtube” for the billionth time on Google, ask yourself: What if I get it straight from the horse’s mouth?

April 7th at Concordia University, the man behind the famous ”Make It Count” video will be in the building for a powerful keynote. Influence Gen , also brings out other notable influencers such as Elisabeth Rioux (An Instagram Super Influencer)Adam Greenberg (Radio Host at Virgin Radio)  & Danielle Otou (Founder Of Female Department).

A great opportunity to discuss ideas, learn techniques, inject a shot of ”You Can Do It” in your veins and network with some fellow content creators and entrepreneurs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this video speaks for itself:


April 7th

John Molson School of Business

1450 Guy Street

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