These New Decor Canvas Will Turn  On Your Hustle Instantly

These New Decor Canvas Will Turn On Your Hustle Instantly

Inspiration Comes In All Forms

Ikonick Art Canvas: A New Decor For A New Life

Believe it or not, sometimes making changes in life can be as simple as choosing a new decor for your home! the Law of attraction is real and it starts with your environment, your thoughts and ultimately your life.

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Indeed, I won’t lie, I’m a self-improvement junky. I read the books, I visualize, attend the seminars, walk on fire, clap my hands like Tony Robbins and say ”Yes I Can” like before Obama had grey hair.

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At the end, we’re all like Sway In The Morning. Even when we think we got the answers we need a Kanye to remind us that we don’t. Usually, that Kanye is just...L-I-F-E.

In this existential quest to the better you, you might find it very useful to change your environment. Thanks to Facebook, the law of attraction and their algorithm that knows exactly what I have in mind at 3 in the morning; I stumble upon something amazing.

Ikonick is a company that creates and sells canvas inspired by the hustle. One click, a quick look at their catalog and I was convinced.

Today, we will overview some of their dopest pieces and see how YOU can turn your hustle on with a new decor that fits your mindset.

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#1 The Hard Truth You Need To Remind Yourself

Some of their pieces consist of the things you need to remind yourself on daily basis. It’s all fun and games to write how great you are but actions speak louder than words

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#2 Pop Art To Feed Your Hustle

Did you know Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for 1 million dollars before he made it? What if yours was that dope?!

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#3 Mindsets To Live By 

When the canvas says it all, there’s nothing else to add up.

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#4 Think Like Ali

I mean, what’s better than having the champ himself reminding to stay ”great” and to ”sting like bee” as a new decor?!

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Cc: via Ikonick

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#5 The Outside The Box Factor

Besides art pieces inspired by the hustle, Ikonick also has other types of products to turn your rooms into a different experience. Colorful, well taught out.


Price range: 90-185$

Size range: 30×40 – 12×18

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