The Migos Took Us Back To The 70’s In This Hilarious New Video

Drake Lionel Richie Is What The Internet Been Missing!

The Migos Took Us Back To The 70  8217 s In This Hilarious New Video

The Migos Are Doing It For The Culture (Literally)

The Migos are having the time of their life since the released of Culture 2 which made them global stars in the process. Coming out of nowhere with a smash, flooded the world with mixtapes on top of mixtapes and now the early doubters might feel like they’ve been left of Bad N Boujee.

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Quavo, Offset & Takeoff are mathematicians when it comes to finding something to create a buzz for the group. Almost everything they do is either meme-worthy or a hit they create by accident (Offset rapping happy birthday to his son is still in my Top 5!).

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Cc: Cc: Director: Daps & Quavo
Producer: Sara Lacombe
Executive Producers: Daps & Sara Lacomb

This time around, they linked up with the meme God himself, a man who’s not scared to make fun of himself and give us countless opportunities to do so; the and only Aubrey Graham (or Drake for those who didn’t watch Degrassi).

I wasn’t a huge fan of ”Walk It Like I Talk It‘ when it first came out. It was catchy enough to wake up and sleep with the chorus inside your head but repetitive enough to keep it from away from the aux cord for a while.

Just when some of us might have thought of throwing the song under the bus, they came out with the video. Not just a video, THE video. 70’s inspired, colorful, afros, skates and an introduction to Drake Lionel Richie. 

see for yourself, it’s H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

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