8 See It To Believe Pictures Inside The Agenda Trade Show In Vegas

8 See It To Believe Pictures Inside The Agenda Trade Show In Vegas

What Happens In Vegas…You Know The Rest!

The Agenda Trade Show Is Where You Can Discover The “Crème De La Crème” Of Upcoming Fashion Brands & Influencers!

This week we went on a treasure hunt at the Agenda Trade Show in Las Vegas for what turned out to be a life changing experience.

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Indeed, Agenda/Capsule is one of the biggest trade shows in the world and it gathers a thousand of established or upcoming designers. They’re all united under one roof to present their new collections or build brand awareness.

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We were part of the lucky media guests to attend the trade show. For this special occasion, you get to know who’s going to be a key player in the fashion world for the following year.

Besides the fashion discoveries you can make, it also gathers some of the most sought after influencers across the world.

Since we like to give our readers the exclusive before it even comes out as exclusive, here are 8 see it to believe pictures of what went down at the Agenda Trade Show (#7 is for the culture)

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#1 World Boots: The Balance Between Comfort & The Perfect Boots For A Casual Man

World Boots is a luxury footwear brand we discovered at Agenda. Their approach is to reinvent what we know as luxury footwear.

The head designer behind the brand has a background in podiatry which allowed their team to focus on how to make the most comfortable boots and shoes  in the world while making sure that the products are still a fashion statement.

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#2 Iceberg Is Making A Major Comeback!

Our favorite fashion insider and OG, Daymon Green, gave us an exclusive look at some new pieces coming from the father of luxury streetwear: Iceberg.

Iceberg was more than a brand back in the 80’s & 90’s, it was a statement of success since some sweaters would cost up to 400$ at the time. Let’s see if Iceberg still has what it takes this year.

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#3 Clearweather Is The Sneaker Brand You Need To Know About!

Innovation and outstanding designs is what you get with Clearweather! The designers behind this hot sneaker brand were the same minds who built the latest Supra collections so from the get go you knew they were up to something.

Half futuristic and half “your new favorite sneaker“, this sneaker brand was without a doubt one of our highlight of the Agenda Trade Show!

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#4 Disburst Is Your New Favorite Pins (In Case You Didn’t Know)

dsc06178Since we went to Pintrill in Brooklyn a couple months ago, we’ve been fascinated about the pin culture.

This time around we discovered Disburst which is also a key player in the pin industry. The designers they wholesale for, Wizard SkullYesterdays Co,  Clay Graham ArtRussell TaysomSuper Secret Fun ClubBracelegs CollectivePop Glory, and many more, have a special approach to pins like you never seen before.

Not only they implement pop culture in their products but they manage to blend different references together to create a new one!

For example, we bought Wizard Skull’s “Barnold” pin which is a combination or the ‘”Hey Arnold” main character and “Bart Simpson” to replace his iconic hairstyle.

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#5 Cortica Is Another UK Best Kept Secret In The Sneaker World!

If you ever wondered if somehow someway you could find a great alternative for the recent releases in the trainer shoes department; Cortica has the answer!

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The brand originally from Manchester has what I call “The Eye” for design. They implement various influences in their craft and surprisingly their prices are pretty affordable even though the quality is top notch!



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#6 Domrebel Is The “Lowkey But Highkey” Montreal Brand With A Global Status

Domrebel is been around for over 14 years now but even though it started off in a garage in Montreal, the brand has now a global impact on its own.

Indeed, they’ve dressed Rihanna, Chris Brown, Guns & Roses & U2! We were amazed by the fact that even though they’ve established a strong name in the industry, they still claim Montreal as their hometown which is very inspiring!

Ps: we have an upcoming interview with the owners so stay tuned!

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#7 Johnny Dang Is Still Your Favorite Jeweller Ever

Johnny Dang is a legend in Hip Hop and he never recorded a track in his life (that we know of). From his iconic cameos in your favorite rap videos and his partnership with Paul Wall, he became the reference for jewellery in the world.

At the Agenda Trade Show you never who you will see, so we were camera ready every time. When we saw Mr. Dang from far, you know we had to ask him to show us his grills right!?

PS: After all these years, his grillz game is still untouchable!

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#8 They Had A “VHS & Chill” Booth Inside!

With a over a thousand VHS tapes put together, you could rediscover your cult movies and enjoy a “never seen before” shopping experience at the same time!

I didn’t see that one coming for real.


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What Do You Think?!

For us the Agenda Trade Show was a pilgrim to one of the Meccas of fashion! It gave us tons of insights about upcoming trends, major comebacks like Fila & Champion and the possibility to spread the word about what we do!.

Would you give it a try for their next trade show? If yes you can find all the information here.

Let us know in the comment section now!


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