Designed To Hustle: Francis Mayer & His Rise In Modern Menswear

A Trip Inside The Mind Of Francis Mayer

Designed To Hustle  Francis Mayer   038  His Rise In Modern Menswear

Everything You Need To Know About Francis Mayer, The Suit Plug Of Modern Menswear!

Last week we were in Vegas for Agenda/Capsule to get a glimpse of the upcoming trends in modern menswear. Among the crowd of talented designers making their debut, Francis Mayer caught our eye from the get go!

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For anybody who thought that a designer from Montreal couldn’t make a global impact, Francis is the exception to the rule. Mr. Mayer is also far from your typical suit designer.

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He stands as the rebel of the suit industry by breaking any stereotype of what a suit maker should look like. This same rebel mindset made him very bold when it comes to his personal style.

Mayer’s personal style is hard to define because of its uniqueness. A combination of streetwear’s finest and suits that often leaves you with a positive version of the “How Sway?!” expression on your face.

Nowadays, customers have an intense desire to know who’s behind the brand and sometimes even more than knowing the brand itself. This is something that Francis Mayer definitely knew how to tap into since he is now considered as an influencer with a strong reputation in places like Italy, Toronto, New York & Las Vegas!.

During our stay in Vegas, he took his time to make us visit the trade show and have a conversation with us about his insights on modern menswear. Let’s take a trip inside the mind of the rebel of classic menswear shall we?!

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3 Keys To Success

#1 Traveling Is A Serious Growth Factor

Francis said it best, when you stay in your city, environment or comfort zone you’re missing out on a lot of things. Even though traveling seems like an expense at first, you have to do those trips to understand yourself or your industry even more!

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Cc: Journal de Montreal

#2 Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

Mr. Mayer is known for his unorthodox approach to modern menswear (that suit with Kobe Bryant interior fabric is still the ultimate statement). Regardless, this young designer decided to break the stigma of perfect suit maker and you can tell that it definitely paid off!

#3 Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Following Francis Mayer around with my camera made me realize the ultimate power that networking has. Indeed, the young creative was able to connect and exchange through powerful conversations with almost everybody we’ve met during the day and this was priceless to watch and capture.

You never know where a candid conversation will take you especially in a world where we don’t always know who is who. I’m not saying that this will always turn in your favor but you can’t afford to not giving a try right?!

A Once In A Lifetime Experience!

To conclude, the Agenda/Capsule was an amazing experience at large. We were able to talk about Montreal’s culture and to our surprise, it seems like brands and influencers from all over the world are now more and more curious about that MTL flava.

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