DIY Fashion Tip To Discover  Hand Painted Jacket By Qurrb

DIY Fashion Tip To Discover: Hand Painted Jacket By Qurrb

Unleash The Basquiat In You!

Montrealgotstyle X Qurrb Collab For A DIY Session On A Hand Painted Jacket!

As fashion evolves, there are more and more fashion enthusiasts that experiment their inner artist with great DIY (do it yourself) methods on their own clothes so we decided to give a try on a hand painted jacket.


We wanted to create something very powerful and Danielle Murell Cox seemed to be the perfect visual artist for what we had in mind!

Qurrb is an online service & brand that “gives the fashionably forward, the opportunity to express themselves, with an eco-friendly alternative, while offering one-of-one custom pieces“.

They’ll transform your old pieces to masterpieces far beyond your wildest dreams.

I wanted to give it try and witness the real power of creating a new outfit DIY style. I was looking for something bold, representative and make sure I could make a statement with it.

My idea was to write words and symbols of what defines me as a man. So I added some of my personal idols likes Malcom X &  Huey P Newton.

I also added words that I regularly use such as “Conquer“, “Inspire“, “Passion” and many other references about my love for fashion, activism & leadership.

I had a vague idea of what this hand painted jacket would look like but I only had 48 hours to make it come to life. Danielle told me from the get go that she accepted the challenge.

Mix and match all those different references and still make it look harmonized seemed quite impossible at first but she did it brilliantly.

Not only she was able to show me a mock-up in less than 2-5 hours but it represented exactly what I was looking for. I took a leap of faith and gave her my jacket and waited for the final result.

Between me and you it was a life and death situation, if the jacket didn’t turn out right it would’ve been the fiasco of the century since I was expected to bring for a special occasion.

As first laid eyes on the jacket as I was parked in front of the Orange Julep, I knew for some reason that either Van Gogh And Jean-Michel Basquiat would’ve been broud because we had just created another masterpiece!

Montrealgotstyle X Qurrb : “The Fashionable Revolutionary” Hand Painted Jacket DIY Style

hand painted jacket cuztomize old denim montrealgotstyle qurrb

Cc: Qurrb

The original jacket was an American Eagle jean jacket that I wasn’t rocking anymore. Even though Danielle is professional, I suggest you to try your first experience with an item you want to refresh first so you can see if this DIY process is for you or not.

You can actually buy one in a thrift shop and start your journey. Danielle told me that the best way to sure to get the best result is to do a mockup first and then apply the paint or else you’re taking the risk of losing the jacket.

Soon as the mockup is done, verify if everything is harmonized, grammar mistakes, a small detail you forgot and once everything is approved; you’re ready to paint.

Final Result

denim jacket cuztomize black power

Cc: Qurrb

hand painted jacket, qurrb montreal american eagle

Cc: Qurrb

hand paint visual art montreal

C: Qurrb

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