The Book Club : Revisit The Oj Simpson Trial With “If I Did It”

Legendary Book!

The Book Club   Revisit The Oj Simpson Trial With   8220 If I Did It  8221

If You Thought The Oj Simpson Trial Was Epic, You Haven’t Heard The Back Story Of “If I Did It” Yet!

Like it or not but the Oj Simpson trial is part of history in a very disturbing way. He recently got released from prison after spending 9 years of his life and as you know it wasn’t for the right crime.

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Just when you thought that the retired NFL player was out of sight, Jay Z brought him back to life with his now classic song “The Oj Story“. Once again, Hovah couldn’t be more clever because yesterday Oj was granted parole.


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Simpson made history in so many different ways, some were glorious and some were tragic. The Oj Simpson trial was a saga that was never seen before on media.

It was highly publicised and the final acquittal for his ex wife’s murder was an historical moment in itself.

Beating the justice system when all the odds are against you is one thing but Simpson pushed the envelope to the extreme.

Indeed, he went on to publish the most controversial book in the last 2 decades. It was titled first:

 “If I Did It: Here’s How It Happened


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Oj wanted to open up about how “in theory”  he would have managed to kill his wife (& get away with it).

The book was supposed to be like a major slap in the face for the victim’s family and the court system at large. Down the line, the family of his ex-wife took action and gained all the rights of the book. Eventually,  they renamed it :

If I Did It: Confessions Of The Killer

This book is in fact how “in theory“, Oj Simpson did confess his crimes and today we will overview why you should read it!

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1. Oj Simpson Tells It All

Simpson dives into his relationship with his ex-wife without missing any sip of tea. His ghostwriter took the same tone Oj had when we he showed the world that the gloves didn’t fit.

His wife Nicole Simpson is depicted as a drama-queen-using-men-as-toys in what seems to be an infinity of pages. It shows how “in theory” Oj is trying to justify his actions by vilifying the victim (which doesn’t sound too innocent to me).

The book has a chapter called “The Two Nicoles” in which we get a picture of a man who was married to a double-headed dragon (sort of).

He also goes in shocking details about how her sexual exploits were driving him crazy (no tea was sparred).

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2. The Actual Oj Simpson Trial Is Not In The Book

Mark my words, I think the master plan behind “If I Did It“, beyond inventing “trolling” before it became a thing, was to keep the readers in check for the sequel.

The Oj Simpson trial was disturbing because it showed us how America and the world is satiated with crime stories.

Headlines like “Trial Of Century” were flooding the internet and deep down inside, we all thought he did it which made the book relevant as it is.

Robert Kardashian was the lawyer who got him out of trouble for the most controversial verdict in the Us court system’s history.

The name rings bells right? Well, I always thought that it was a rhetorical question to ask if whether or not Oj contributed to the Kardashans” stardom.

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3. Oj Opens Up About The Legendary Police Chase

You might remember this police chase based on pictures and videos but it’s a whole different experience when you get it from the man himself.

A few people know that Oj actually threatened to kill himself with a gun when he got caught by the police. According to his memoir, he changed his mind when he heard Dan Rather on the radio.

Why You Should Read It?

Beyond the drama and the antics, Oj represents the perfect “Rise & Fall” story. He got to the top with his NFL career but it seems like his personal life was too much to cope with.

The simple fact that a book like “If I Did It” actually exists is an interesting perspective about our society. It shows you how a killer, even though “in theory“, feels about his actions or his victims.

It’s even more disturbing when you know that the quote on quote killer got acquitted and then dropped a book about how it would have killed the victim.

It also tells you how those things can be avoided when you push yourself away from toxic relationships (either for him or Nicole).

Last but not least, it also reminds us that when those kinds of situations occurs, the readers and the world is only stuck with one version. “If I Did It” will make you want to know more even though you know you can’t.


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