5 Upcoming Fashion Brands To Kill The Hypebeast In You

Don’t Believe The Hype!

5 Upcoming Fashion Brands To Kill The Hypebeast In You

Ditch Your “Everybody Wearing It” Labels For Those 5 Upcoming Fashion Brands You Need To Know About!

In the recent years, we’ve notice the same key players running the Streetwear game like never before which ultimately left plenty upcoming fashion brands fall under the radar.

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Brands like Supreme, Bape or Stussy been there for a minute and impacted the culture all in a different way. We grew up with those brands, we’ve killed outfits with them and they became our references.

9 times out of 10, fashion enthusiasts are more attracted by a name than the actual design. I’ve cultivated a sharp eye to sharp eye to spot upcoming fashion brands rather than known labels.

The reason is quite simple:

I Rather Be Fly And Unique Than Hop On The Band-Wagon Of Approval

(a code we should all live by)

Today we will overview 5 upcoming fashion brands to kill the Hypebeast in you (and teach you how to think for yourself in the process).

walk the walk upcoming fashion brands streetwear off white

Cc: Walk The Walk

1. Walk The Walk

Price Range: 25-200$

Wesbsite: www.walkthewalkbrand.com

Walk The Walk is not your average streetwear brand. It’s more than a clothing line, it’s a state of mind. Each of their pieces symbolizes rebellion and powerful messages for the doers.

Unique and outside the box as it gets!

walk the walk brand, montrealgotstyle, fashion, mode et design, streetwear

Cc: Walk The Walk

fashion, designer, hat, montrealgotstyle

Cc: Franky Baca

Cc: Franky Baca

Cc: Franky Baca

2. Franky Baca

Price Range: 110-560$

Website: www.frankybaca.com

If you look for unique pieces that are timeless and very creative in terms of design, Franky Baca is the new player in town! From the fabrics or the patterns selected, this designer is on to something.


Cc: Ode Clothing

Cc: Ode Clothing

montreal, lost heart clothing

Cc: Ode Clothing


3. Ode Clothing

Price Range: 25-120$

Website: www.odeclothing.bigcartel.com

We’re really digging this lifestyle brand with their impressive range of products. From socks, stickers, windbreakers and even Jerseys. Ode Clothing supplies dopeness on a daily basis.







Cc: Lost Heart Clothing

montreal, lost heart clothing

4. lost Heart Creative

Price Range: 25-300$

Website: www.lostheartcreative.com

If you’re looking for something creative and outside of the box, the team behind Lost Heart Clothing will deliver the pieces you’ve been dreaming of.

They usually collab with some of the dopest visual artists in order to turn regular clothes into masterpieces. They transform your regular clothes into walking museums whenever you step out!

designer, gq, fashion brand

Cc: Golde

golde street brand, us designer, lifestyle brand

Cc: Golde

5-Golde Clothing

Price Range: 25-140$

Website: http://www.goldeclothing.com/products

Golde is a streetwear brand deeply influenced by vintage and street culture. Each piece is designed to take you back in time and make sure you make statements whenever you go out.

They bring all the old school goodies in a modern way!







What Do You Think?

Would you try some of those upcoming fashion brands? Which one really caught your eye and why?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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