Fullfill Your Vintage Dreams With The Perfect Thrift Stores In Montreal

Thirfting In Montreal!

Fullfill Your Vintage Dreams With The Perfect Thrift Stores In Montreal

Amazing thrift stores in Montreal where you find the pieces of your dreams!

When you’re looking for rare pieces or vintage clothes 9 times out of 10 the answer is in one of local thrift stores in Montreal!

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When we hear the terms “ thrift stores “ we think of used clothing as if it was a bad thing. However “ thrift stores” are much more than “used” clothing. They sell many other items that we use in our everyday lives. Some people may prefer to buy their clothing at a “regular store”.

Why Choosing Thrift Stores Rather Than Regular Stores?

They may actually turn up their noses at the word “ thrift store”. It all depends on the individual because you could find an outfit in a “thrift store” similar to one that you might find in the mall and. Sometimes the price is even more suited to your budget!

There is one thing you have to keep in mind when you shop in your local thrift stores in Montreal : patience. If you take the time and initiative, the game of “thrifting” is similar to hide and seek. You walk through a store that has older clothing and dig through racks and piles to seek out something that suits your personal style, or a style you hope to achieve. Some stores do make it easier for you by labeling or color coding the clothes. Others are not so helpful in the process. Montreal has many “thrift stores”. I visited several in the Saint Laurent ( Eva B, Le Magasin du Chainon , Friperie Saint Laurent) and Mile End ( Annex, Local 23, Citizen Vintage, Arterie ) areas.

EVA B (2015 St-Laurent Boulevard)

Thrift Stores In Montreal Eva B St-laurent Boulveard

Cc: Martin New

Eva B is a very unique store. This is place is in the top 5 most popular thrift stores in Montreal hands down. They provide food ( ice cream, slushies, with many vegetarian options including sandwiches, lasagna and burritos). Their drink menu ranges from water, chai espresso, cider and chai latte. On arrival you will be greeted with a cold beverage. Eva B is situated in a two level old home with patios. There are many couches to sit on. On both levels you can find similar items, shoes, clothing, change rooms, patios. The bottom level is where you can sell your clothing or pick up a new book to read.

FRIPERIE ST-LAURENT (3976 St-Laurent Boulevard)

Montreal Thrift Stores On Boulevard St-Laurent Friperie St-Laurent

Cc: shopgirlmtl.com

Friperie Saint Laurent is a smaller store but has all the clothing that most “thrift stores” carry. I would dub Le Magasin du Chainon as a low budget winners. It has two small levels. They carry some name brands. They have quite a wide range of jewelry. Their statement necklaces stood out to me. Upstairs they sell a wide selection of DVDs, CDs, and books.



The following four stores ( Annex, Local 23, Citizen Vintage and Arterie ) are located in the Mile End area. What makes them different from the Saint Laurent area is three of the stores carry local Montreal Designers.

The Annex (56 Saint Viateur St. W) carries the local designers : Tough Luck, Sans Regret , Stay Home Club.

Arterie (176 Bernard St. W) carries the local Montreal designers : No.63 , Valérie Dumaine and Pina Mercury.

Citizen Vintage (5330 Saint-Laurent Boulevard) carries its own clothing line, which they sell in store ( which may vary from what is sold online) and online. What makes Local 23 different from the other “thrift stores” is that they have a sale section in the back. I would classify most of the Mile End Area “thrift stores” as more high end and modern but definitely unique in their own way.

Last thought about «Thrifting» In Montreal

As I have said in regards to Saint Laurent “ thrift stores”, “ thrifting “ is a game of pick and choose. It involves an element of fun. I feel that element was taken away in the Mile End stores. Although the set up was impressive, most of the “best quality” clothing had been picked out and put on display with the price jacked up. A $10 Bermuda shirt sold in the Saint Laurent area is sold for $30 in the Mile End area.

I think your choice between all the suggested locations is your personal decision but always keep certain factors in mind. If you want to spend that extra time in picking out great finds from the mass of clothing as is the case in Eva B. If you lack the patience and would prefer that the best has already been weeded out, then I would recommend the Mile End area. This leads me to a question: has “thrifting” become too trendy? What once was looked down on in the not so distant past is now becoming “trendy” for many individuals.

Let us know what you think in the comments down below!


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