Learn How Stylists Keep Their Outfits On Point With The Stylebook App

Keep Your Outifts On Point In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Learn How Stylists Keep Their Outfits On Point With The Stylebook App

Stylebook Is THE App That Will Make You Look At Your Best All The Time

Stylebook is an app that will help the modern man or woman in one of the most important aspect of their lives: how they dress.

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Early mornings duties or late night events always leave us with the same fundamental question : what should I wear? . Some of us are smart enough to prepare their outfits in advance but for a lot of people, an outfit is really a question of mood and this alone guarantees chaotic results sometimes.

Regardless of your mood of the day, in this day and age, being the best version of yourself on most occasions can actually save your life in so many different ways (I’ve stopped counting after 100 to be honest).



What if we told you that you could prepare your outfits from your hat to your shoes in advance? What if we told you that you could know what to wear for EVERY day of the month all on your phone? Today we would like to introduce you to Stylebook , the app that will save you time and make sure you stay on point whenever you want to make a good impression.

How It Works

Stylebook allows you to upload all your closet’s items from your accessories,pants,t-shirts,blazers and so on. It resizes and edits the pictures to make sure that the background disappears so you can only see the pieces.

Organize Your Closet and Take It With You Anywhere!-Stylebook

The app will categorize all your closet’s items and then you can pick and choose what you want to put together and save it in the app’s calendar.

Stylebook 5 Press 1

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 Crazy Additionnal Features

Stylebook allows you to save all the style inspirations you see directly in the app so whenever you come accross the outfits of your dreams, you will know how to hit the target.

Styblebook keeps track of EVERY outfit you already wore which means that you will never have that deja vu effect anymore.

Stylebook saves all your favourite shops, brand’s website and create shortcuts, filter the results based on your preferences and let you keep your favourite items in a wish list inside the app!

Stylebook also keeps your body measurements and style preferences so they provide you hundreds and hundreds of suggestions for your next outfit. Those suggestions also include a list of stores to go to. Stay updated only about trends that YOU like!

This phenomenal app has alot of other features that we would like to let you discover for yourself but believe us when we say this : it’s worth it!

We would like to get your feedback about this app, try it for yourself and let us know how the experience went! Seeing Montrealers look fly all the time is definitely our mission.

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