5 Cool Fanny Packs For Guys To Boost Your Fly Guy Status!

Once You Go “Pack” You Never Go Back!

5 Cool Fanny Packs For Guys To Boost Your Fly Guy Status

Improve Your “Fly Guy Status” With These 5 Cool Fanny Packs For Guys!

If 2-3 years ago somebody would’ve told me that I would eventually write about “cool fanny packs for guys“; I wouldn’t believe it (seriously). I was very close minded to the idea of wearing them but I can now guarantee that : once you go “Pack” you never go back

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Indeed, this fashion accessory has traveled time plenty times but it seems like it always came and then disappeared pretty quickly.

Whenever it came back, the “No-No” camp always had the final say. With the recent rise of streetwear, the frenzy for putting graphic designs on every piece of clothing; it seems like the fanny pack will finally have a big break!

For me personally, wearing a fanny pack was out of the question until I’ve met a friend of mine who’s literally the fanny pack god (he has about 40 of them so far).

He told me that wearing a fanny pack is like getting married. I remember vividly when he said this to me  :

“You Have To Find The Right One And Stick To It; That’s It!”

Today we will help you find  your “Right One” with our selection of 5 cool fanny packs for guys to rock this summer!

herschel fanny pack cool fanny packs for guys

Cc: Herschel


1 Herschel

Price: 49,99$

Where To Buy: www.herschel.com

Herschel is definitely a MVP when it comes to bags at large! Sophistication, simplicity and functionality are the motto that this brand seems to live by.

It was only right that they provide us with their own fanny packs and they killed it! To me it’s one of the few brands  that know how to add many pockets and still keep a dope design.

Even though it’s bigger than regular fanny packs, it’s still a good choice in terms of quality/functionality!

guatemalart-mish-fanny-pack-_255960-front2. Guatemalart Mish

Price: 14.95$

Where To Buy: www.zumiez.com

We won’t emphasize on this enough, summer 2017 is all about colors! For all our bold fashion oriented readers, this is the fanny pack that’ll challenge your risk taker side.

We also love the texture of the accessory and especially the fact that it will bring a final touch to any regular outfit.


vintage acid wash fanny pack cool fanny pack for guys

Cc: via Tillys

3 Extreme 80’s

Price: 27.87 $

Where to buy: www.tillys.com

We didn’t forget our “Jeans on Jeans” fellas! Acid wash is for denim what air is to fire. This particular 80’s inspired fanny pack is for the retro addicts.

Simple, easy to wear and definitely my next cop!

dc fanny pack for men montreal online shopping fashion

Cc: Dc Shoes

4 Dc’s Fanny Pack

Price: 35$

Where To Buy: www.dcshoes.com

If you want to start your fanny pack journey but you don’t want to go all out, here is a great alternative offered by Dc Shoes!

This one is very neutral, no extra designs nor colourful patterns. I call it  the “Test Drive” fanny pack. it’s discrete enough to be unnoticed so you can wear it in public and see if you’re comfortable with it.

Once you become a true fanny pack rockstar, you can now climb the ladder and go from the “Test Drive” to the “Risky” fanny packs (because there’s levels to this fanny pack life)


asos sued fanny pack

Cc: via Asos

5 ASOS Fanny Pack In Faux Suede

Price: 23$

Where To Buy: www.asos.com

When suede or faux suede are the fabric used, it should already tell you that this is possible great product. Using suede is a sign that the designer is willing to put an extra texture to the product & highlight the various details.

This ASOS fanny pack is not an exception to the rule at all! Although the overall design may look simple, it’s the small details like the patterns around the zips that make it a “Must Cop

Would You Go “Pack”?

Even though I’m a massive fanny pack adept now, I can understand why some men are scared to make that jump.

Now that you understand why and how a fanny pack can boost your fly guy status, would you try it? If so, which cool fanny packs for guys from this selection really stood out in your opinion?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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