Control Your Music & Calls In Style With The Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket

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This Smart Jacket May Change The Way We Look At Denim Jackets Forever!

Today Google and Levi just released their smart jacket and it’s true that the future is now.  The idea of a smart jacket is not new but this is probably one of the first attempts to hit the target!


When it was announced a couple years ago, people thought it was impossible to blend technology with style.

This time around, Google made a smart decision by collaborating with Levi. Levi, as a brand, is known for its timeless designs, simplicity and quality of denim.

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Levi’s Commuter X Google Jacquard



Release Date

October 2nd at

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How it Works

All the technology from this smart jacket resides in the cuff of the left sleeve. The sleeve is connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

It Syncs With Both IOS Or Android (For Once, I Know!).

The jacket gives full control over your phone. You can control the music, get directions & notifications if you receive a text.

You can also control all those features with your gestures and you have text to speech options as well. You can set all this to your preferences via an app too.

In case you wondered, yes the jacket can be washed as long as you remove the tag (of course).

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Who Is It For?

Honestly, it’s the perfect jacket/gadget for someone on the go.  it’s also a good choice for the sports guy or any active person.

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Initially created for bikers but it still has potential. Perhaps, if you’re really into denim jackets and technology this is the best of both worlds.

People were wondering if this is worth the price at first. The original Levi’s commuter jacket is sold for 188$. Once again, it’s the lifestyle that should motivate your decision on this one

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What Do You Think?

Would you purchase this smart jacket by Google & Levi? If so why would you do it?

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