The Sneaker Report: 5 Shoes Every Sneakerhead Should Buy

Dear Sneakerheads We Have A Challenge For You!

The Sneaker Report  5 Shoes Every Sneakerhead Should Buy

This Month’s Selection is Definitely A Sneakerhead’s Dream!

The Sneaker Report is a sneakerhead’s number 1 reference to know about the hot releases, collabs, must cops and where to get them. With so many releases per month it’s getting harder and harder to keep up and especially when personal tastes are a major factor.

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Our mission is to build a new wave of Sneakerheads, a Sneakehead that doesn’t care about the hype but focuses on the great design instead. We’ve put together a list of 5 shoes that EVERY Sneakerhead should buy simply because they’re dope (it’s a no reseller zone over here)

1 Air Jordan 6 “Still Blue”

Air jordan 6 gs still blue pantone 681x478

Cc: Sneaker News

This is the type of colourway that is challenging in itself, it will make you stand out but you have to be extremely creative in order to make your outfit effective. Matching this with your hat will be an ultimate “no-no”; I rather tell you in advance. If you can’t get creative with this pair of sneakers, call it a #drop as fast as you can.

Ps: This is a minimalist’s nightmare but a creative sneakerhead’s dream!

2 Atmos X Packer Shoes X Reebok Instapump Fury “Doraemon”

Atmos atmos packe shoes reebok instapump fury doraemon

Cc: SneakerNews

Instapumps with flashy colours, can you ask for more?

3 Nike Pre Montreal Racer Premium

Nike pre montreal racer premium thumb

Cc: Sneaker News


If you know your Nike‘s history, Pre was one first athlete to be sponsored officialy by Nike. Nike does an amazing job when it comes to revamp their classics and they also added our beautiful city to name it!

It’s a different feeling when you walking around with a piece of history on your feet. Once again it’s the colourway that makes this pair of sneakers a MUST cop!

4 Nike Air Max 90 Flyknit (Women Only )

Nike Air Max 90 Thea Ultra Flyknit thumb

Cc: SneakerNews

 What I like about the flyknit technology is the fact that sneakers became the most comfortable thing to wear since they invented it.

5 Alexander Wang X Adidas Nmd 2017

Alexander wang adidas nmd 2017 shoes 2

Cc: SneakerNews

Alexander Wang definitely changed the way we dress and once again he’s making his impression felt in the sneaker world with this new release. I think the overall design is new and refreshing, it might be a little hard to actually get your foot inside the shoe but the statement it represents is all worth it.

Regardless of the fact that Alexander Wang is a high end designer, we would like to let our readers go deeper than just brands or names and learn to appreciate their sneakers for their great designs.

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