Stay Warm And Fly During Wintertime With Cake And Carats

Get Your Cake Up!

Stay Warm And Fly During Wintertime With Cake And Carats

Cake And Carats, The Brand That Says It All!

One of my favourite hobbies in life is to discover emerging brands and recently I fell in love with the designs and overall philosophy of one in particular: Cake And Carats.

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The Toronto based streetwear brand made his long anticipated website launch last week. The clothing line is now availlable to the world for the very first time and needless to say that they’re killing it!

Cake And Carats is more than just a clothing line, it resonates with the doers, the hustlers and the entrepreneurs. They emphacize their branding effort into two main themes that define a man’s drive : Cake (as money, as building your value and prosper) & Carats (luxury and the lifestyle that goes with it).



 The first time we heard about this brand was at the Ultimate Sneaker Show presented by Soleexchange Canada . The first thing that sparked my interest right away was their sick collab with “New Era” which is already a sign that they care about the quality of their products.

We sat down with Jinnin,the co-owner of Cake And Carats, a couple times and we followed the brand’s journey for establishing itself as a undisputed streetwear brand in Canada and eventually the rest of the world!

Here are the highlights of their new collection. We tried to select the best pieces that caught our eyes that definitely deserve a spot in your closet

The Camo Duffle Bag

Cake and carats duffle


Every respectable man has to have a duffle bag and at this point it’s almost scientifically proven. Instead of going for the typical black, navy or cognac; Cake And Carats set itself appart by introducing their clients to a sick camo pattern.

If there is one thing I always knew about this brand is the fact that details matter alot for their creative team. Camo is here to stay and it’s the same for that duffle bag!

The Camo Beanie



 The beanie season is still on and you definitely NEED to get your hands on their beanies while you can. When it comes to their fabrics and designs, I feel like this brand understands the importance or combining quality and catching their audience’s attention with their designs.

This pattern will force you to think outside of the box and create outfits that’ll follow the same guideline : Be creative!

The Chanel Number 5 inspired Hoodie

cake and carats hoodie

Cc: Cakeandcarats,com

 Culture jamming is definitely Toronto’s deisgners signature. Cake And Carats revamped the Chanel #5 fragrance iconic logo and made it a fashion statement.

Simplicity, functionnality and it goes hand in hand with their ambitions to become a luxury streetwear brand.

If you want to learn more about Cake And Carats or their products, check out their website at

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