How To Create A Fashion Statement And Standout With #StyledbyPaul

Style Like Paul

How To Create A Fashion Statement And Standout With  StyledbyPaul

Styledbypaul Taught Me!

Styledbypaul is a stylist that has been making a lot of noise in the city these days. Sometimes when we see our local stylists working on big editorials, getting featured on huge fashion magazine; we feel intimidated. Today we decided to break this cycle and ask one of your favourite style how to create a fashion statement and standout from scratch.

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As fashion ethusiasts, we all have this secret fear burning inside of us. You know that horrible feeling right? The one thing that can turn your life into a meme in matter of seconds? Have you ever attended an event only to find that someone in the crowd (that you obviously don’t know) is dressed exactly like you from head to toe? Stores like H&M and Zara rapidly became a reference for a lot of people, trends became more accessible than ever and for the most part the world went upside down.

The problem with fashion now is that we’ve traded the process of creating an outfit from scratch only to buy the ”outfit to go” solutions. We spoke to your favourite stylist’s favourite stylist, the one and only, Styled By Paul and we decided to put together an outfit, original, bold and affordable to help you make fashion statements with the #pauleffect. We did with most of your favourite shops to show ya’ll that creativity overcomes the name on the label.

outfit grid outfit of the day tonpetitlook

Cc: StylebyPaul

Trench Coat By Topman

parka topman la baie montreal designer navy blue


Floral Shirt By H&M


Cc: H&M

Forest Green Pants By H&M

green pants stylish fashion

Cc: HM

Forest Green MonkStrap By Zara

zara loafers classic shoes

Cc: Zara

Socks-Winners (Never sleep on Winners)

Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters Urban Outfitters

fedora hat burgundy swag topman

Cc: Whistles

Frames- Ronit Fürs

vintage frames round glasses montreal

Cc: Ronit Fürst

Tie- The Tie Bar


Cc: Tie Bar

Rings- Topman

Tie pin- Asos

Stylist : Styledbypaul

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