Unleash The Better You At The Heart On Fire Conference In Montreal

This Event Will Set Your Mind On Fire!

Unleash The Better You At The Heart On Fire Conference In Montreal

The Heart On Fire Conference Will Help You Connect With The “Better You”!

Self-improvement is a journey of a lifetime and when you take away money, career goals and relationship goals; all you really want is to create a “better you” in the process.

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The Heart On Fire Conference might be the event you’ve been looking for to achieve that. The goal is to help the guests with a life changing experience; a mind, body & spirit revamp (I mean literally)

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Cc: Sdp Orizon

When? August 19th

Where? Cegep Marie Victorin, 7000 Marie-Victorin St.

How To Get Tickets? Currently on eventbrite

Tonye Fitness & SDP Orizon have partnered up to bring this event to life on August 19th. They called it “Human Potential Development Conference” because even the schedule shows you that this is what it’s all about.

Indeed, for this occasion they’re bringing keynote speakersmusical performances from local artists and they have a 1 hour group workout (remember we said it was all about mind, body & spirit right?!)

Are You Ready To Meet The Better You?

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This event has to be in your “to not miss” list. The “better you” is just around the corner and the Heart On Fire Conference will help you find it.

Today we will overview some highlights to show you why you can’t miss the conference (just in case it even crossed your mind)  

Keynote Speakers You Have To listen To!

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Cc: peak perform

Camille Charbonneau

A leader in peak performance. Camille Charbonneau will teach you how to unlock your inner resources either mentally or physically!

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Cc: Steve Daniel”s twitter

Steve Daniel

a social media strategist & phenomenal influencer, Steve Daniel will teach you how to create a strong social media presence while sharing your story efficiently!

Ps: He was in our studios a couple months ago, see his profile here!

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Cc: Mathewpark.com

Mathew Park

With over 15 years in the business, Mr. Park will share his secrets on how to “Take your MIND, where its never gone BEFORE!” as he would say. Be ready for to receive massive insights from him.

The Perfect Balance Between Physical & Mental Wellness

I think it was a great idea to add a group workout to the whole experience. They say you need to exercise at least 1 hour per day which is something we often neglect due to what we call life (and the various excuses I have in mind right now)

The organizers of Heart On Fire are giving you a common ground between what you’ll learn from the speakers and how you’ll feel after a good workout. Once again your mind, body & spirit can’t really ask for more!

For more information about the conference, visit SDP Orizon’s facebook page and for your tickets, visit Eventbrite

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