Save Time, Money And Be Red Carpet Ready Every Month With Sprezza Box

See What’s Inside The Pandora Box

Save Time  Money And Be Red Carpet Ready Every Month With Sprezza Box

Style On Them One Click At A Time With Sprezza Box!

Think outside the box with Sprezza Box too.

I think most fashion enthusiasts can easily feel my pain on this one. I always feel like it takes me less time and money for me to shop for streetwear clothes than it is for blazers, socks, ties or any classy outfits.

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I usually have to go to 4-5 different places before I find everything I need to properly nail the outfit like the shirts, the blazers, the loafers and so on. The hardest part for me is ALWAYS the accessories because they have to match, to enhance the outfit, to stand out and to stay away from the “trop c’est comme pas assez” effect.

Sometimes going from store to store just to get your stuff is wasting your energy and time to the point where you just patch things up hoping to hit the target.

I did my research and I recently found a solution that saves me time, money and allows me to have access to brands and designs that are not even in the stores I used to go : Sprezza Box

How It Works

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Sprezza Box is a subscription service that sends you an accessory kit to your address on a monthly basis. The Sprezza Box comes with different combinations of products for your day to day outfits from sunglasses, ties, socks, lapel pins, collar stays, pocket squares and even cigar cutters!

“Effortless Style For just $28 a month-Sprezza Box”

It’s like Having A Personal Stylist But On The Net!

They put up to 6 different items inside your box and they vary with different themes. This service is really amazing if you’re looking to get exclusive brands, accessories carefully choosen by professional stylists and you get an average 100$ worth of products for just 28$.

Influencers & Brand Ambassadors Wanted!

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Sprezza Box also offers a brand ambassador program in which you could represent their brand on your social media profiles.

For all the potential influencers, stylists or fashion icons that might read this, this is also a good opportunity to let the world know about that Montreal state of mind.

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