Is Social Media Is Making Us Anti-Social And Unable To Truly Love Someone?

We Will Still Post It On Facebook Though!

Is Social Media Is Making Us Anti Social And Unable To Truly Love Someone

Confessions Of Social Media Introvert

As a notorious introvert I must admit that social media helped me alot to get out of my nuttshell. 140 characters allows me to express what I can’t say in public and based on the reaction of my peers, what I have in mind actually resonates with people!

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Instead of using this to empower myself then go out and feel comfortable enough to share my views with real people, it made me turn to social media even more (funny what we do for likes and social clout).

As time went on, it made sense because I was too shy to talk to people and I was slowly putting myself in a position where people could come to me instead of the opposite.

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To be honest, my lack of social skills turned into embarassing moments in real life such as people telling me things like : “I never thought you were that boring” or more harsh stuffs like “It must hurt your jaw when you smile right?”.

Whether we like it or not social media influences our social dynamics and it creates new walls between people and new standards in the way we socialize.

Now that i’m trying my best to explore what life “offline” is all about, I did my research about how social media probably affected my behaviour and how I can rewire my interactions with people. This is what came out of it!

Social Media Following Is Used As A Real Life Validation

We all fall victim to this at one point or another. We don’t look at people as human beings with emotions. ideas and accomplishments; we now judge them based on the number of followers they have.

In an age where almost 60% of people’s following is fake, we have to be careful. It’s time to deconstruct that idea that a large following equals that you have to crawl in front of someone or pay attention to everything they say.

My perception changed when I spent 2 hours talking with a homeless man in Central Park, New York, 1 year ago.

I’ve gained a massive amount of insights on life and success from a man who can’t even afford a phone. Now I believe that EVERYONE has a value regardless of how many followers validate that.

We Desperately Want To Amplify Our Lifestyle

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Pictures of food, pictures of the concerts we go to, snapchats of candid moments are a plague more than anything else when you really think about it. I know people who spend more time doing that than actually enjoying the moment (I am guilty too).

It seems like taking the phone down and appreciate good music, good food or good company is too much these days.

Social media is a good platform to showcase our lifestyle but not when it’s a total lie. Even worse is when we use that same lie to judge if we can or can’t socialize with certain people based on if they “fit” our personal lifestyle.

When all those instagram posts evaporates you will have to face something scarier than 0 likes; simply the real YOU!

The Like Syndrome

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“Likes” are actually worth more than you think because we give them so much relevance. I even call it the new social currency. Sometimes you come accross a post or status and this happens: even though you feel like it’s worth your like you won’t do it because it’ll acknowledge someone else or give him or her too much value.

The same applies in real life now. You see someone wearing something you like or you’re attracted by someone but most of the time you won’t make the effort to go to this person because you feel like it’s corny or you’re hyping that person’s status.

I can understand why alot of us react like that. I’ve seen many people who are quote on quote superstars on social media not appreciating a compliment in real life because as Drake would say : they’re “used to this”.

The Like Syndrome goes both ways…

Love And Social Media Is The Worst Matched Ever

No disrespect to Tinder, Facebook or Twitter but I believe that a healthy relationship has to stay out of social media as much as possible. How many times we see couples posting those infamous #relationshipgoals pictures only to end up deleting everything like they never met each other.

You’re not in a relationship for cute instagram pictures, you’re not in a relationship to check in at your local spa or restaurant; it’s between you and your partner.If you knew how many dm slides you can escape if it wasn’t for you’re psychotic need to show everything on social media.

Contrary to popular beliefs, woman and man flirt more aggressivily with you when they you’re already taken. Is it somekind of challenge?

I personnaly think that social media makes alot of women and men insecure in their relationship also. How many couples fuss and fight over a like at the wrong place and wrong or a comment and status

The Superficial Side Of Social Media

Our standards of beauty or success were always alterned by the media. For a long time, Tv and magazines have dictated what was hot or not. Nowadays we are bombarded by ideas, thoughts, pictures, groups, forums, videos and it’s hard to step out of the mold.

Even when you do, you still have to live with the fact that people will throw a dozen of rotten tomatoes on you just for saying the opposite of common opinion.

This alone kills creativity and individuality. The opposite also true because alot of people have gained massive attraction because they automatically stand against popular opinions.

I think it kills the debate from the start when you put yourself in oppisition for recognition. Social media was mean’t to help people connect and share ideas but alot of times we withness division and debates that turn into roasting sessions.

Social Media’s From An Introvert Perspective Of Course

All of those aspects of what social media involves in our “offline” life are well documented. Those points mentioned are also based on my personal experience and what I see on the web everyday.

How do we escape from such the social media traps according to you? Do you think those points are true or you’ve noticed something else?

Please let us know in the comment section!


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