Bring Back The Classic Sega Games On Your Phone For Free

Don’t You Remember The Times..(Micheal Jackson Voice)

Bring Back The Classic Sega Games On Your Phone For Free

Reconnect With Your Favorite Classic Sega Games On Your Android Or IOS!

It’s funny how the trials and tribulations of adult life make us reminisce about the times when playing classic Sega games all day was the norm.

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Do you remember the frustration you had whenever Sonic the Hedgehog would drown in the ocean because you made a mistake?

Do you remember that feeling when you had found the fastest and craziest way to handle your taxi rides in Crazy Taxi?

Well all of those mix feelings of breaking your controller and pushing your friends around  in order win a game are back in a phone near you!

classic sega games street fighter mortal kombat

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Sega never brought out another console since the Dreamcast in 2001 but it remained relevant to this day. They’ve established themselves with their impressive catalogs of cult games.

With the improvement of mobile displays, users will have an authentic experience while playing their favorite classic Sega games.

Sega has officially launched their collection called Sega Forever which will include some of their classic titles. Every two weeks another title will be featured so be on the look out!

Are 3 classic sega games that HAVE to be on the Sega Forever capsule or else it’s not a valid.

mrotal kombat 1992 sega genesis classic games

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1.Mortal Kombat 1992

After 20 years and counting, it’s needless to say that Mortal Kombat was, is and will forever be your ultimate choice to kick your friend’s butt in a friendly manner.

The iconic game made it to newer consoles like the ps4 and etc but not nothing beats the classics!

street fighter II world warrior sega sonic the hedgehog

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2. Streetfighter II: World Warrior

If the word “Shoryuken” is not printed all over your mind yet, you probably lived under a rock for the previous 2 decades.

Streetfighter became a reference in the gaming world and still manage to destroy friendships like his early days (based on a true story)

sonic the hedgehog classic video games montreal

Cc: Via Sega

3. Sonic The Hedgehog

This one goes without saying as you could’ve guess. Indeed, Sonic is that blue hedgehog that seemd to run at the speed of light when we were kids.

Between me and you, I predict a lot of broken screens in a near because I can recall how upset I used to be when the collected rings were flying all over the place!

Watch Now

Download the app Sega Forever for free on Android & IOS!

What Do You Think?

The games can play be played offline BUT they will have embed ads in them (nothing is really for free when you really think about it). If you want to remove the ads, you only have to pay 1.99$ which is not the end of the world!

We will definitely be on look out for their various games! What you dear 90’s baby? Will you give it a try or just stick with your current consoles?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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