Pay To Smash Things While Relieving Your Stress   038  Anger At Sports de Combats

Pay To Smash Things While Relieving Your Stress & Anger At Sports de Combats

Anger Management In A Fun Way!

Sports de Combats Brings You In A World Where You Can Pay To Smash Things, Throw Axes And Literally Unleash The Savage In You (Oh And Relief Stress Too!)

At first when we got invited to Sports De Combats, our reaction was : “Euh What? A Rage Room? What it would be like to actually pay to smash things?”.

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Sports De Combats is “a recreational sports & entertainment facility combining aspects of gaming and fitness“. Honestly, we can proudly say they didn’t wrote this for advertising purposes.

In fact, we left the building feeling like a Spartan who’ve just won the war. They give you a space where you can grow your team spirit and competitiveness.

pay to smash things rage room montreal sports de combats

Cc: Via Sports De Combats

their establishment is located at 5335 Casgrain Ave in Montreal. Sports De Combats brings together activities like throwing axes, smashings plates and old computers in the Rage Room, Nerf battles & and much more!

Even though it may sounds strange to be willing to pay to smash things, the overall Sports De Combats experience is much more than that.

I never thought that breaking glasses, throwing axes on a target or learning archery could have such a therapeutic effect on my soul.

We were a group of 8 so you can bet that the level of competitiveness was at its peak! We definitely turned the Rage Cage into a scene from the movie The Purge (literally).

The Axe Throwing part was a key moment too. If even a clumsy guy like me can almost it the target in total safety, that’s when you know you’re in good hands (seriously!).

combat archery montreal team building competition

Cc: via Sports De Combats

Things got real when we did the Combat Archery activity. Once we’ve split in teams and got our archery crash course from the  instructor, it was time for some A-C-T-I-O-N.

That’s the activity you want to feel like a mix of both a gladiator or Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible at the same time.

The game is fairly simple. You hide, shoot arrows, throw plastic arrows in a war zone until you have a last man standing (I was the first to get hit of course)

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Would You Try It?

We would recommend Sport De Combats to anyone who would like to stay, relief their anxiety or anger and stay fit at the same time.

Would you pay to smash things to? What other ways you use to relief your daily stress?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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