5 Montreal Brands You Need To Know This Fall

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5 Montreal Brands You Need To Know This Fall

Here Are 5 Montreal Brands That’ll Get You Ready For Fall!

Fall is at our door and each citizen from the capital of the poutine is now looking for the hot trends to rock and some Montreal brands definitely got the answers!

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Indeed, we’ve noticed that more and more Montrealers are now adepts of buying local which is great. Some local designers may fall under the radar locally but internationally the moves they make are undeniable.

For the skeptical out there, you would be surprised how Montreal brands are actual trendsetters across the globe. Since they all come from this place we call home, they’re the best to get us ready with some fall essentials.

Today we will make you discover 5 Montreal brands from which you can get your fall must-haves.

KUWALLA TEE, montreal brands, streetwear basics, streetwear brand, canadian deisgner, montreal designer

Cc: Kuwalla Tee


1. Kuwalla Tee- “Almost Famous” Bomber




Kuwalla Tee has definitely established itself as a brand worldwide in the past few years. Since they were already the “Go To Guys” for streetwear basics it was only right they give the world a bigger range of products.

Their “Almost Famous” bomber is a piece that really caught our eye from the get-go. The details, Japanese streetwear inspiration and of course the color are what makes it a must cop this season!

pony mtl, pony montreal designer, montreal brands, fall must haves

Cc: Pony Mtl

2. Pony MTL- “UFO” Sweatshirt




Pony is a brand we’ve discovered last summer at Mural Festival and since then they kept bringing some heat on the shelves!

From their pins, to their patches and clothing, Pony has the eye when it comes to create the perfect culture jam items. Their pieces can either take you back time and make you smile at the same time.

This fall you need to stand out in terms of colors and this sweatshirt right here is the right item you can use.

nake and famous, montreal design, montreal fashion, montreal brand, montreal mode, festival mode et design

Cc: naked & famous

3. Naked & Famous- Sherpa Jacket

Release Date: September 22nd


Naked & Famous is the big brand that likes to stay under the radar. We’ve found out that the brand was Montreal when we went to Agenda in Las Vegas.

This denim brand provides high quality denim pants & jackets and this ivory corduroy jacket is just a glimpse of what they got (not out yet) . Details and high quality materials is standard for this Montreal brand and they make sure every penny is worth it!

Definitely a challenge to rock and it’s only meant for fashion lovers who love to risk. If you’re following what we do, you’re already in that category (as you know too well!).

maison desrosiers, montreal brand, montreal fashion, montreal streetwear, fashion show montreal, fashion blogger montreal

Cc; Maison Desrosiers

4. The Maison DesRosiers Sport Pants

available for pre-order only


This fall,  sports pants are taking over for real. It’s hard to separate yourself from the pack but this Montreal based streetwear brand seems to have that hidden gem for you.

Maison Desrosiers is a Montreal brand that knows how to express rebellion & freedom through clothing. This piece here says it all .

blunts and kicks, montreal fashion brand, montreal fashion design, montreal lifestyle brand

Cc: Blunts And Kicks

5. Blunts & Kicks “OG BIG LOGO” Hoody




Blunts & Kicks is a local brand we’ve been following for quite a while now. Their expansion over the world is incredible and they’re constantly on the grind.

It’s pretty rare for a streetwear brand to have a classic design and B&K already has several. For this brand, their signature logo still has that “I can relate” feeling attached to it.

Whether you’re into the cannabis culture or not the “Blunts & Kicks” hoody will keep you safe and fly throughout fall; it’s a guarantee.

What Do You Think?

Any thoughts about our selection of Montreal brands? Would you buy some of the pieces? If so, why?

Let us know in the comment section now!



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