Montreal-Based Artist Pony MTL Drops A New Sneaker With Aldo

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Montreal Based Artist Pony MTL Drops A New Sneaker With Aldo

Pony MTL Is Making Noise, Real Noise!

Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, alias Pony Mtl, is an artist we’ve followed for quite some time and couldn’t help but admire her talent and dedication to make her dream come true.

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Talent is everywhere but rarely we see artists who really live up to their potential. Nor reaching heights never attained before.

The game as changed significantly over the years. Every creator has a bigger voice than ever but yet it’s still key artists that rise to the top.

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Cc: Vrak TV

When  you see a particular artist succeed, a fair question is: What’s their secret?! To each his own, but I believe they all have one thing in common.

When you think about it. Artists or comedians such as Miss Me Art, Pony Mtl, Keish Jp, Aba & Preach all have a deep connection to their audience. A message to spread and the consistency to make it happen.

By giving more than they take, staying relatable through comedy, painting or clothes. They standout, get their work noticed and once the right eyeballs are looking, they’re ready to take over the world.

Gabrielle Laïla Tittley lives and breaths her art, from her look, her way of thinking and the message behind some of her pieces. It’s deeper than just using pop culture to make it ”look” cool.

With an impressive catalog in terms of product range. She goes from pins, clothes, home accessories, stickers and even posters!

She tackles into the trials and tribulations of the typical millennial with width, honesty and a bit of sarcasm at times (a lot of it actually).

The playfulness in her pieces literally contrasts with topics that are usually talked about very seriously.  Topics such as relationships,  feminism and depression.

Aldo has recently launched a campaign in which they wanted to let artists from all over the world get creative with their Mx3 sneaker.

aldo group, montreal sneakers, montreal aldo, aldo shoes

Cc: via Aldo

It was only right that they pick Pony Mtl especially after the activation they have done for Aldo at Mural Festival. As expected she went IN!

aldo sneakers, pony mtl

Cc: via Aldo

They currently retail for 90$ on the Aldo website. Among the other creatives who had the chance to put their spin to the sneakers, they had Buff Monster, Insa and So Youn just to name a few.

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