Atelier New Regime And Their World Domination

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Atelier New Regime And Their World Domination

Atelier New Regime : Montreal Designers With An International Steez

I think Atelier New Regime became an emblem for a lot of upcoming designers, they’ve created a blueprint for them . The fashion industry is a dirty game sometimes as you know. The rising stars of today can become the has-beens of tomorrow. The #1 key to success in this industry is to stay in touch with the actual environment while maintaining your identity as a designer.

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Setiz, Koku & Gildas from Atelier New Regime are not an exception to the rule and they totally understand. Even though they are now in the spotlight more than ever, you can always feel their vision and brotherhood that they’ve kept from their early days.

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Sometimes, I’m both amazed and shocked when people come up to me saying that New Regime is a new brand that came out of nowhere. I even had an argument with someone who couldn’t believe that this brand could be from Montreal. When you consider the fact that not too many brands make it out of the city on this level, I can totally understand why Atelier New Regime is a leader in fashion. Let’s break down the 4 simple reasons that make Atelier New Regime a powerful brand.

#1 Atelier New Regime is More Than A Brand It’s A Lifestyle


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There are many types of fashion enthusiasts in this world, the ones who wear items because of the hype and the ones who rock it to make a statement. Atelier New Regime has powerful messages like «Hometown Heroes», «We learn all our gang sh*t from the government» and many more. This alone makes people identify with what they stand for. They also have unique colour parterns that directly target those who think outside the box. To me it expresses a need to stand out, to go above the status quo and to unite under a «new regime».

#2 Atelier New Regime Gives Back

To me, this one of the aspects that makes them unique and successful beyond imagination. It’s relatively easy to create a clothing line and sell it but I have more respect for a brand that reinvests that same money to contribute to the rise of the community that buys their product. How they find the time to be involved with festivals like Mural or the planning of events for fashion enthusiasts. I salute their efforts especially with their community work with programs like «la rue inspire». Atelier New Regime is somewhere doing something for the city.


Cc: instagram

Cc: instagram

In this day and age, the public is sometimes a little more focused on the people behind the brand than the brand itself. The New Regime boys will have you scrolling through their feed for hours because content-wise, they don’t play. Setiz intensely reflects on his journey as an entrepreneur, his thoughts and overall vision of life. Mr Koku & Gildas provide us glimpse of their day to day lifestyle, a mirror about whatever dopeness their lens can capture.


Cc: instagram

Cc: instagram

Cc: ateliernewregime

Cc: ateliernewregime

From Lil Wayne ,50 cent , Amber Rose, French Montana, Post Malone & many more; Atelier New Regime established itself as a brand with a broader reach. Besides the commercial success it represents, it always warms my heart to see Montreal being represented on a global scale.

By looking back to what makes Atelier New Regime a powerful and unique brand, I can’t help but to think that we’re entering a new era in Montreal. More and more entrepreneurs from the city are taking over the world with their work or talents and they’re not afraid to spread Montreal’s culture on our behalf which is definitely something we needed for a long a time


Who do you feel should be the next brand to be recognized internationnaly? Do you think our designers need more support from us to achieve that?






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