The Sneaker Report: 5 Exclusive Sneakers & Boots For Your Next Edgy Look

That October Fire!

The Sneaker Report  5 Exclusive Sneakers   038  Boots For Your Next Edgy Look

Exclusive Sneakers For The Fashion Head Who Thinks Outside Of The Box!

As fashion oriented people, we can’t neglect the limitless power of exclusive sneakers! From hot collabs to limited releases, they often offer a challenge that enhances your overall style as a final result.

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You can tell a lot about a man based on his kicks. Picking the right shoes is an art in itself and this is why the sneaker report is your go-to guide to make it happen.

This month, we’ve focused on picking new releases that are completely out of this world in terms of design, patterns and colours. The snow is coming so this is your last chance to really rock your sneakers and make the most out of them.

Today we will overview 5 exclusive sneakers & boots for your next edgy look (and pushing your style to the next level)

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Cc: via Sneaker News

#1 Pomb X Air Jordan 1 High Og “Los Primeros”

Release Date: 10.13.17

Price: 16o$ USD

jordan 1 los primeros, jordan 1 retro, retro 1 jordan, jordan retro sneakers, old school sneakers

Cc: via Sneaker News

Designed in collaboration with Thales Fernando aka Pomb, Nike wanted to pay homage to the Latino heritage while giving you some serious heat to rock outside!

What really stands out is the patterns on the different part of the shoe that makes all the difference. The possibilities are limitless and we know that only a few fashion heads will take that risk!

adidas alexander wang run mid, montreal sneakers, addias sneakers

cC: via Sneaker News

#2  Adidas Alexander Wang Run Mid

Release Date: 10.07.17

Price: not available yet

adidas shoes, adidas brand, adidas marketing, adidas athelets, alaexnader wang designer, alexander wang

Cc: via Sneaker News

 Alexander Wang is a legend when it comes to combining different style cultures together to create a new one.

This time around, he turned a typical runner shoe into something that even a raver could rock (peep the glow sticks colours applied).

As far texture and design, this your new ”wear it everywhere” exclusive sneakers.

timbaland boots, timbaland sneakers, exclusive sneakers, edgy look

Cc: via Timberland

#3 Timberland  6-Inch Field Boots

Release Date:  currently available

Price: 175$ 

In case you didn’t know, autumn is just another name for ”Timbs Season”. Timberland has timeless designs and this one right here definitely has that extra touch.

When they dropped the ”40 Below” limited release which was their highest men boots ever, it was clear that the future of their designs would be to create higher boots with the classics they already had.

The field boots with the dark brown and green colourway usually called ”Brocoli

” just received this special treatment and it’s stunning!


saucony, exclusive sneakers, kicks, sneaker report, sneaker news, complex, montreal sneakers

Cc: via Saucony

#4 Saucony Shadow Master 5000 “Goethe”

Release Date: 10.14.17

Price: not available yet

Saucony is dropping heat with this new release paying homage to the legendary poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. What really caught our attention is the laces, they literally printed some of the poems on the laces to give authenticity.

As a final result, you get to walk with a piece of history whenever you take them out of the box.

sneaker news,

Cc: via sneaker news

#5 Kith X Nike Air Pippen 1

Release Date: 10.06.17

Price: not available yet

Kith has created a household name for themselves especially with their collaborations. This time around it’s the Air Pippen 1 that gets the Kith special treatment and it’s a hit!

The animal print makes all the difference and we personally never thought that the Air Pippen 1 could ever go for a risky colourway. It really gave the sneakers a different look and 1000 reasons to become a part of your personal collection.


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