Jack Saloon Laval Opens Its Doors And Gives You Free Cuts & A Wild Party

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Jack Saloon Laval Opens Its Doors And Gives You Free Cuts   038  A Wild Party

Jack Saloon Laval Is Where Good Music & Exquisite Food Collide!

Jack Saloon Laval is the last of the now well established franchise to open its doors. As a way to say ”Hello” , they’re throwing a huge party and you’re invited (your appetite too).

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Jack Saloon started out in Quebec city and found a huge success when they’ve first launched. Their secret? It’s simple, they’ve made traditional dishes you would usually find in New Orleans available for you and I and the decor made the experience even more complete.

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Cc: Jack Saloon Laval

Indeed, as part of their theme they have a whole western look. Beef skulls, cowboy photographs, beer barrels and prop guns. A restaurant during the day and a nightclub at the night, that seems to be a formula that’ll work for Jack Saloon Laval.

For this special occasion, Jack Saloon is giving a new kind of immersive experience in their new location. They’ve solicited the one and only, Mathieu Courtemanche, founder of ”Les Babarres” barbershops for giving out free haircuts.

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Cc: Jack Saloon Laval

Yes you heard it! After a couple drinks, an entrée, some crazy laughter; you might as well get a haircut from the best barbers ON THE HOUSE ! Also, they’ll have live performances and aton of other surprises.

As that old saying goes: ”Be there or be square”!


Wednesday, September 19th



1600  le Corbusier Boulevard

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