Nate Husser Drops New Visuals And Once Again It’s The Video Of The Year

Nate Husser Drops New Visuals And Once Again It  8217 s The Video Of The Year

Nate Husser Is Montreal’s Best Kept Secret

When it comes to rap as an art form, Nate Husser is definitely one of Montreal‘s most complete artist. From his concepts, visuals, subject matter and overall steez, Nate brings something unique to the table.

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The Little Burgundy rising star has dropped a new Ep last week called ”Minus 23” and also the first visuals following up the release.

Nate Husser released a video for the song ”How To Get Away With” which is the last track of the Ep. The title of the track allows the audience to fill the blank and so does the video.

For this visual experience, Husser and his team took us back to the times where visuals actually mattered. It reminded me a bit of ”Without Me” by Eminem but with a real storyline instead of Elvis breakdancing in a toilet (which was kinda fly still).

The idea is to make the artist play multiple characters and engage the audience in something funny but yet very serious too. Same as the song, the video makes you feel that there’s a deeper meaning behind what you actually see.

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Although the ”Minus 23” Ep has 3 songs, Nate Husser shows his versatility once again. His previous release ”Geto Rock For The Youth” showed us that he could effortlessly put together a solid full lengh project.

This time around, Nate shows us how a cold lyrical emcee gets down. Using his voice as an instrument, changing his pitch from time to time, bringing different melodies and getting ”straight to it”.

If this is an appetizer for something bigger coming in a near future, we’re all for it!

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”Minus 23” Ep


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