There’s A New Pub In Montreal Coming And You Should Invite Yourself

A Different Kind Of Pub

There  8217 s A New Pub In Montreal Coming And You Should Invite Yourself

This New Pub In Montreal Defies The Rules!

What if I told you there’s a pub in Montreal where the drinks have the funkiest names, a handful of flavors for your pallet and a decor that’ll bring your wild side to the light? The real question is: Would you give it a try?

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February 21st you can have a first view of this reinvented pub experience. In the heart of the Quartier Latin, the sounds of toasts and good laughter will be there waiting for you.

The Saint-Moose is coming to the Quartier Latin and they got some heat for our cold February days. This is not the pub where you should ask yourself if you’re underdressed or not.

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Cc: Saint-Moose

This is not your just-grab-a-drink-and-get-out sort of pub. This is where conversations, good food, and drunk stories will be made at in this part of town (the stories that end well of course).

It’s All In The Decor

As my many venues there are in Montreal, this one component is often missing: a baddass decor.  Saint-Moose is taking an extra step to fix this in a set up that’ll make you feel like you’re actually sipping a beer in the wildlife.

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Cc: Saint-Moose

The devil is in the details, the fun is in your cup and the experience is worth every dollar.

Drink Names That Say It All

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Cc: Saint-Moose

That wildlife theme can be found in the selection of drinks too. Names like Mule des bois, le Trappeur (Cazadores, Cointreau, Ginger ale, bitter cerise) and Barbe & fusil are promises of what your typical nights will be about in this new pub in Montreal.

An All In One Type Of Place

From watching sports, enjoy meals to share, celebrations and the ”I have a place you need to see” occasions, Saint-Moose got you.

More Information

1738 Saint-Denis St.



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