Enima Is Making History Again With The Migos On A Track

History In The Making!

Enima Is Making History Again With The Migos On A Track

Does Enima Got The Keys?

Once upon a time, artists in Montreal used to think that the city was a dead end for their career and then came a young controversial emcee by the name of Enima.

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I can already see some Hip Hop purists talking about the pioneers who made it in tougher times but that’s not the point. Montreal has its sound, its slang, and vibe but a decade ago we mostly consumed what was on the other side of the border.

Enima Is The Result Of What Would’ve Happen

If Future Would’ve Spent His Childhood With

Booba Has A Bestfriend

And Decided To Spit In French

Enima is an enigma (pun totally intended). For some, it’s hard to pinpoint what they love or what they hate about his music but one thing’s for sure, the ”For The Low” rapper never goes unnoticed. Streamed over a million times, live shows with big acts; 2018 sounds promising so far.

enima montreal rap da main source

Cc: via Enima’s Instagram

This week, he teased a potential collab with major artists from the states. Since his joint with Pressa from Toronto, it was only a matter of time before rappers from the US get their french lingo on too.

Yesterday, he officially released a track with the top group in Hip Hop right now, the one and only Migos (Quavo & Offset). The track called ”Water” also features Ness as a local artist and Hoodrich Pablo.

Watch Now

Good track, currently trending on Youtube heavy and definitely a page of history written in Montreal’s rap scene! Another W for the young rapper and the city as a whole. I personally think that Montreal has the potential to dominate like Toronto is been doing for a while.

Is this the first step and who will be the face of that new wave?

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