Tomorrow Is Your Last Chance To Find Your Dream Home At Expo Habitation 2018

Visualize Before You Actualize!

Tomorrow Is Your Last Chance To Find Your Dream Home At Expo Habitation 2018

The Salon Expo Habitation Is The Go-To Place For 1st Home Buyers!

This year the Salon Expo Habitation brings a massive collection of home builders and furniture suppliers under one roof to get a glimpse of the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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Cc: Salon Expo Habitation


saturday 9th, and Sunday 10th February


Olympic Stadium

4141 Avenue Pierre-De Coubertin



Home Buying In The New Age

In this digital age, it made sense that the Salon Expo Habitation made it to the new century as well. Virtual reality will be in full effect at the event as you get a 3d visit to certain catalog brought to you by DuProprio.

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Cc: Expo Habitation

Great addition to the event since space is limited to see all the different architectures, models and details. Now you can actually visualize yourself in that kitchen, that living room and that ”Here Comes The Boss” bedroom (technology at its best right?!).

Sophistication, Simplicity, Luxurious & Eco-Friendly

Our generation is definitely different in terms of taste and interests and that’s something that the industry finally picked up. Inside the Expo, you’ll see the crème de la crème of what houses of the future should look like.

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Cc: via Expo Habitation

They will also introduce visitors to other solutions in terms of energy from solar to wind power. Believe it or not but this might be the norm in a very near future.

Facts To Know

With over 600 stands, 25 different kitchens & bathrooms models, introduction to fully functional solar energy houses and much more are at the doors of the Olympic Stadium. First buyer or not, you can’t go wrong at this event.

Tomorrow and Sunday 11th are the last days where you can get there and see it for yourself. As this annoying friend of yours who always turn out to be right would say: Those who are absent, are ALWAYS wrong!

What Do You Think?

Are you a first home buyer? If you had to pick one location where you could buy a home in Montreal where would it be?

Let us know in the comment section now! 


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