There’s A Netflix Comedy Special Coming In Montreal & You’re Invited For Free

You Have To Be There!

There  8217 s A Netflix Comedy Special Coming In Montreal   038  You  8217 re Invited For Free

Experience A Netflix Comedy Special Like Never Before

I never thought I’d see the day where we could actually experience a live Netflix comedy special in Montreal; most of all for free. Partnering up with Just For Laughs, Netflix is giving Montrealers total access to their comedy special experience.

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In the midst of the Just For Laughs festival, Netflix is gearing up for a special event including comedians from all over the world. When we say all over the world, it’s literally all over the world.

netflix comedy special,

Cc: Netflix

From Riaad Moosa (South Africa), Chris D’Elia (Usa),  Nazeem Hussain (Australia) and many more.  The shows from Friday to Saturday are mostly full packed but you still have the chance to make it to their Sunday taping.

As part of this Netflix comedy special experience, you will get the chance to be a part of the audience as they record the whole show. Seeing the process and enjoying the show on the inside.

Their Sunday event (July 29th) is still in full effect with a lot of available seats and an incredible roster of comedians. They got 2 performers from Canada: DeAnne Smith Ivan Decker.

DeAnne Smith Performing

Ivan Decker Performing


Club Soda

1225 St-Laurent Boulevard


Saturday July 29th



While performing their stand up, the Netflix camera crew will tape the whole experience for their upcoming specials. This is actually your chance to have fun and sorta-kinda-somewhat make it on the big screen per say.

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