Discover What Happens When Your Favorite Famous Sports Players Items Meet Art

Steph Curry, Lionnel Mesi & Conor McGregor All In One Place

Discover What Happens When Your Favorite Famous Sports Players Items Meet Art

Discover The Entrepreneurs Who Gave A New Life To Your Favorite Famous Sports Players Items!

Some of the famous sports players items are legendary as you already know (Oj’s infamous ”Gloves” might the greatest and weirdest example at the same time). We hold our athletes in such high regard while often times their ”baseball bats”, ”signed ball” or precious items are more Ebay friendly these days.

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For Andy Chung (34) and Mai Tran (29), those items have a story to tell beyond the way the athlete performed with them. Indeed, they went on a journey to collect and turn into masterpieces some the most prized sports collection items.

Under the name Armori Steele, the two art enthusiasts made sports items collections something you can feel, see and touch while enjoying an immersive experience.

Their passion and drive eventually made their company a reference in the realm of Sports Art Memorabilia worldwide. Working closely with celebrities and athletes, Armori Steele is in a league of its own.

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Cc: Armori Steele

Tomorrow, November 29th, for the very first time, they offer to the public a glimpse of what years of curating the best sports collection items look like. The one and only Patrick Mikhail Gallery is turning into a holy grail for this special occasion.

Sports enthusiasts and art fanatics under one roof, looking at the same thing but possibly for different reasons. Sports fan or not, inner artist or not, Armori Steele‘s vaults might not open again anytime soon (I mean seriously!).

Sport Art Unveiling

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Cc: Armori Steele


November 29th

5pm to 9pm


Patrick Mikhail Gallery

4445 rue St-Antoine O, Montreal


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Cc: Armori Steele

What Famous Sports Players They Have In Store For You? (Just To Name A Few)

Their collection is very rare and it doesn’t stop at one particular sport. They have racing helmets signed by  Michael Schumacher, items created for and signed by nonetheless than Carey Price and Steph Curry. For all you soccer mega fans out there, Lionnel Messi is on their roster too (yes, they don’t play!).

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Cc: Armori Steele

With pieces going between 1500 all the way to 75 000$, they will also showcase extremely hard to find pieces such as a piece of the vehicle in which the legend, three-time Formula One champion, Ayrton Senna died in 1994.

Needless to say that this sports art unveiling session is the perfect atmosphere for the connaisseurs or the casual fan all in one venue.

What Do You Think?

Are you ready to meet your favourite famous sports players (from an artistic point of view)? We will definitely join the festivities and capture this surreal moment. See you there!

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