Unlock Your Inner Raver At 514 Group’s One Night At Sona!

Ready For A Lit Saturday?!

Unlock Your Inner Raver At 514 Group  8217 s One Night At Sona

514 Group Is Coming Back To Wake Up Your Inner Raver This Saturday!

The term ”Raver” has been an underground taboo for decades and now it seems like a general word for people who like to have a good time (and wild out a bit). 

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The members of 514 Group are the originators of the rave scene in Montreal. Eddy ”Crazy” Melo, the founder of the crew, made the popular party format hit the biggest local events such as Le Bal En Blanc with over 3000 people per year.

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From sending party goers to unknown locations across the United States to bringing Daft Punk and Bran Van 3000, 514 Productions changed the nightlife scene in so many different ways.

Throwing parties is an art they’ve been able to do in Hong Kong, New-York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston just to name a few.

After decades of making the world go crazy, 514 Group is now back for more. Montreal will turn into their ultimate laboratory this weekend. The undeniable 90’s kings of the nightlife are back stronger than ever and ready to take their ”Party Of The Year” format to a new crowd.

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This weekend, 514 Group is bringing back the essence of electronic music but in today’s world. Mark your agenda because ‘‘One Night At Sona” is the place to electrify your 5 senses (sonically of course).


DJ Sneak

Dj Dan

Luc Raymond

Rob Brown

Max Hebert

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Saturday November 18th


Paradoxe Theatre, 5959 boul. Monk




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