Enjoy The Last Bits Of Fall With The Best Selection Of Men’s Boots

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Enjoy The Last Bits Of Fall With The Best Selection Of Men  8217 s Boots

Make The Most Out Of Your Next Outfit With These Men’s Boots

Knowing exactly what to wear on your feet can be tricky as temperatures drop and rain becomes more common and that’s exactly when men’s boots come to the rescue. Sure, you want to stay warm and dry, but you want to look good too.

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If you’re feeling daunted by the sheer amount of men’s boots on the market, don’t worry –

Here Are 10 Types Of Boots Every Man Should Consider This Fall …

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The Motorcycle Boot

The motorcycle boot is a killer choice for fall – whether you ride or just want people to think you do!

Motorcycle boots offer pretty robust protection against the elements, and look cool too, with a real timeless appeal. These are as ideal for a relaxed walk on a blustery afternoon as for a night on the town, combining comfort and style beautifully.

Pair with rugged jeans for a relaxed, classic look.

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The Chelsea Boot

If the thought of having to fumble with laces multiple times a day puts you off, the Chelsea boot might be your top pick.

These are designed to slip on and off with ease, courtesy of the elastic panels on their sides, and they have a cool, almost retro feel. Chelsea boots are a fantastic casual option and can be worn with straight, skinny, or regular jeans all fall long.











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The Classic Work Boot

Think work boots are just for the construction site?

Nope – you can depend on these to keep your feet safe, secure, and stylish in your everyday life throughout fall. The best models are designed for comfort during prolonged wear, which makes them a perfect choice for long, cold, wet days.

Choose a brown tone and they’ll work with pretty much any type of jean you own.







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The Chukka Boot

Chukka boots are stylish, understated, and a nice pick for any commitment. You can wear these for a laid-back day of shopping and coffee, at the office, or for an important social occasion, combined with either jeans or smarter trousers.

Though Chukka boots are laced, these are simple to handle – even when you need to keep your gloves on in the wind and rain.

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The Wingtip Boot

Wingtip boots are ideal for the sharp, style-conscious man about town.

Their narrow tips, high upper, and detailing (depending on the brand you go for) ooze sophistication and elegance. You can wear these with crisp blue jeans for an afternoon drink or with a black pair and a simple sweater for a night of bar-hopping.

You might want to pair wingtip boots with a shirt, waistcoat, and jeans for a bold look in a business meeting too.








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The Captoe Boot

Captoe boots are a must for fall days when a heavy downpour is due: they’re tall, thick, and built to keep your feet protected in challenging conditions.

You want a pair of go-to rugged boots in your wardrobe, and captoe boots do the job nicely. They bring a traditional ruggedness to classic jeans, add height with their chunky heels, and can withstand more than thinner boots too.

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The Hiking Boot

You don’t need to be a passionate hiker to benefit from hiking boots. These are made for hard-wearing comfort, protecting your feet while wandering tough terrain and exploring mountains.

Hiking boots in brown or tan tones are especially versatile and look great with jeans of all styles in the hills or on the street. The tough materials and stable support will be a big help on rain-soaked sidewalks, and if they’re waterproofed, they’ll show less damage too.

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The Western Boot

Every man has pretended to be a cowboy at one time or another – but you can get one step closer to actually becoming one with classic western boots.

Western boots have a lived-in quality that always looks incredible, and they’re a perfect combination with almost any shirt or jeans. The high heel makes you feel ten feet tall, the high tops are sturdy without being restrictive, and they stand out in a room full of regular shoes.









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The Desert Boot

Desert boots are lightweight and versatile enough to wear with any type of denim; darker models even work well with trousers.

With desert boots, you can slip them on and off without having to tie many laces, while they’re durable enough to wear throughout fall. Choose these for casual engagements and your feet will feel as relaxed as these look!

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The Duck Boot

Duck boots stand out. That’s the first thing you’ll notice, followed by the smart design’s practicality: the rubber toes and synthetic sole have your feet covered in wet conditions, while the traditional leather uppers could belong to any other boot.

These water-resistant boots are available in a terrific selection of colors if you want to get experimental, and bring a bold touch to any outfit you plan to wear this fall. Give them a try if you want to keep your footwear warm, comfortable, and distinctive.








What Do You Think?

All of the different types of men’s boots explored above belong in your wardrobe this fall, and there’s a huge variety of options out there. Have you invested in any of these men’s boots, or have any suggestions of your own?



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