Black Earth Rising Is Netflix’s Best Kept Secret Series This Month

A lot of action, intrigue and most of all DRAMA

Black Earth Rising Is Netflix  8217 s Best Kept Secret Series This Month

Black Earth Rising is The Thriller You’ve Been Waiting For Even Though You Didn’t Know

In a world where House of Cards got cancelled, Dexter having the weakest season finale ever & the Ted Bundy doc being somehow overhyped; Black Earth Rising comes to the rescue!

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This drama series takes place 20 years after the Rwandan genocide. Kate Ashby whose a survivor of the genocide got adopted by a white lady who happens to be an international judge for the UN.


Kate deals with trauma and is suicidal due to the events that took place in Rwanda. Black Earth Rising takes us in the deep rooted horrors ad faces of that genocide.

Kate’s mother goes on in taking part in the prosecution of a warlord of the genocide and this takes to a journey like no other.

Indeed, the series is filled with intrigue, drama, corruption and lies as Kate Ashby discovers that their was way more to this conflict that people might think of.

It’s a good mixture for fanatics of conspiracy theories and also see a young woman trying to find herself and heal from the most barbaric genocide in history


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Black Earth Rising is only 8 episodes but you get your time’s worth. In terms of character development it’s also very interesting. The main character evolves as the series goes.

It reminded me of a slower version of Prison Break. Although the story line is very different, every 5 minutes of the show, there’s a new plot twist that keeps you clueless in front of your screen.

Overall a great binge watch session and it also highlights foreign countries involvement in the conflict which will definitely leave with question marks all over your face!

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