5 Montreal Influencers That Are Making This City A Better Place

5 Montreal Influencers That Are Making This City A Better Place

Let’s Talk Influence For A Sec!?

Here Are 5 Montreal Influencers That Are Making The City Proud!

Montreal is definitely winning these days and thanks to our dedicated Montreal influencers, we’re slowly but surely getting recognition from all over the world!

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Social media platforms brought many entrepreneurs, taste makers and powerful souls to the spotlight. Those go-getters in return made sure to push our city forward in their various projects.

Being an influencer is more than a number of followers or how many likes you get per picture. The term gets thrown here and there these days and it’s getting out of control at times.

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Perhaps, for us,  an influencer is someone who has a voice to make things move and make the crowd take action! They educate their audience and they make significant moves to make their field/industry move forward.

Today we will make you discover 5 Montreal influencers that are making this city a better place either through their projects or their global influence!

Ps: the order in which they appear is not a ranking system.

Meet 5 Montreal Influencers

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1. Nalie Agustin

Website: www.nalie.ca 


Inspiring, courageous, powerful and tenacious are a few words that first came to our mind but none of them are strong enough to describe Ms. Nalie Agustin.

Her story and what she stands fore are both inspirational. After she got diagnosed with cancer, Ms. Agustin reinvented her life journey.

Indeed. Nalie educates her audience and provides useful tips to people affected by cancer. Her platform called “The Nalie Show” became a sort of therapeutic experience where people can share their challenges and grow in the process.

Her compassion and desire to make a change around the world brought her to collab with French Montana and tell her story across America and around the world.

She also managed to take this journey to a new level with her own talk show coming soon at Theatre St-James!

Follow Nalie’s journey and learn how to break obstacles like never before!

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2. Steve Daniel

Website: www.stevedaniel.ca


Steve Daniel is building a social media empire in front of our eyes and only time will tell how far this young entrepreneur will go!

Indeed, as the founder of MTL Promos, he managed to bring the best out of the city’s foodie culture, sight seeing spaces and local businesses. Thanks to his initiative, there are over 60 000 people from all over the world that discovers Montreal on a monthly basis.

Mr. Daniel is also a keynote speaker that teaches young entrepreneurs how to dominate social media and expand their influence.

Now focusing more on his personal projects, Steve Daniel is currently reinventing the social media game through his partnership with a platform called Swishlinks.

A perfect mix between Linked In, Instagram & Facebook, this new social media originally developed in Chicago is making its debut in Montreal!

When this will go worldwide (and it definitely will), the world will turn their head where it actually started from: Montreal!

Follow Steve’s journey, an inspiring entrepreneur that lives and breaths Montreal.


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3. Olivier Primeau

Website: www.olivierprimeau.com


Give a man some lemons, he’ll give you lemonade but give Olivier Primeau a piece of land and he’ll give you a Beachclub!

Easier said than done but Mr. #BeachdayEveryday took the challenge and turned the Beachclub into one of the most sought after “Go To Place” in North America.

Beyond bringing a new club experience to the world, he brought some of the biggest names to his venue. Artists like Akon, Sean Paul & even Flloyd Mayweather had their #BeachdayEveryday moment at one point.

While BeachClub recently made it to its own tv reality show, Oli Primeau reminds us why he’s one of the best at giving Montreal the taste of being a ”cool entrepreneur”.

Follow Oli’s journey because with him, the party never stops!


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4- Thierry Lindor

 Website: www.influencemtl.com


Thierry Lindor is the living example of what it is to have the “midas touch“. From his real estate empire and now his platform called “Influence MTL“, everything Thierry touches turn to gold!

With Influence MTL, he managed to bring together various entrepreneurs in Montreal to celebrate the entrepreneur spirit and grow. He made it his mission to provide a platform where ideas and community engagement can collide.

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He recently brought Gary Vee in Montreal for the very first time to help inspire the young entrepreneurs in the city.

We’re looking forward to see what this young mogul got next!

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Cc: via Samantah Kirs’ twitter

5. Samantha Kris

Website: www.samanthakris.com


Samantha Kris is the little voice in your head that tells you ”you can do it” when giving up seems like the only option.

Ms. Kris is a connector. She’s building bridges between entrepreneurs with one thing in mind : G-R-O-W-T-H.

As a business coach & author she helps upcoming entrepreneurs to put the pieces together and chase their dreams with passion and dedication. In the process, she became the voice of those who at one point or another say ”no”.

”no” to a regular job, ”no” to insecurity and ”yes” to your dreams. She also built a facebook group called ”Bossing Up”. In the group you’ll see entrepreneurs share tips, provide ressources & give themselves that virtual ”tap on the shoulder” whenever someone in the group succeeds.

 Join The Group Here!

She’s also launching a book by the same name pretty soon in which she breaks down what ”Bossing Up” truly means and how to apply her keys to success.

Follow Samantha’s journey to be inspired and fearless!

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