Steve Daniel On How To Handle Business While Staying Fresh!

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Steve Daniel: The Young Fly Entrepreneur

Steve Daniel is the marketing mastermind behind the platform called “MTL PROMOS“, we’ve been familiar with his work and it was definitely time for us to give a major shoutout!

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Besides running a powerful platform, Steve Daniel is also an influencer and a keynote speaker on social media strategies and entrepreneurship.

On top of all this, Mr Daniel recently became a collaborator at an upcoming social media platform coming on a phone near you. It’s called Swishlinks, if you’re not a member yet you know what to do!

How does he find the time to do all those things and still manage to be on point fashion wise? Even Sway knows that only Steve Daniel has the answers!

Steve Daniel’s Style

steve daniel mtl promos swishlinks

cC: Yanissa Gp

Mr Daniel has a style that we would call “The common ground”. He’s in the pursuit of the perfect balance between an urban style and a classy style which is hard to get at times.

Casual looks are the best when you’re in the business world especially when you know how to add the special touch to your outfit. That purple blazer is a statement in itself so when you add the right accessories to it, it’s mission accomplished!


steve montreal business wework passion dreamers app business

Cc: Phil Gassant

This young entrepreneur has something that most fashion enthusiast would kill for : a presence. This is those kind of things that money can’t buy.

Regardless of what you wear, it’s all about how you carry yourself. We were happy to have him in our studios and let him be on the forefront event though he’s usually behind the scenes

Be on the lookout for his projects, collabs and contests because if there is one thing we’ve noticed with Steve Daniel is this : he always has something cooking!

Steve In His Own Words

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