High Klassified’s New Ep Is What Your Ears Been Missing

Laval Ou Rien!

High Klassified  8217 s New Ep Is What Your Ears Been Missing

High Klassified Did It Again!

High Klassified as a producer definitely showed us that consistency and creativity can take you far in life. From producing for mainstream artists, touring all over the world and now establishing himself a little more with his new EP ”Kanvaz”.

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Earlier this week, he posted a picture that took everybody by surprise. The song ‘‘Coming Out Strong” he produced for Weeknd & Future is now certified platinum!


Seeing moments like these give us a lot to think about with the possibilities for the scene in Montreal/Laval. Like the young producer said himself, this is the first but definitely not the last and on behalf of the ”Dope Beats Listeners Mafia”, keep em coming!

Kanvaz” is something we’ve never heard from him sonically. 5 tracks in total and a cohesive sound from top to bottom. Groovy at times with tracks like ”Ns Bounce” but still representative of his earlier work with ”1919” featuring Montreal’s very own Zach Zoya.

The artist is taking more risks now it seems. He ventures outside of his comfort zone and delivers it right. We can also catch some nice Rnb installments with songs like ”Come Over” featuring Leaf.

Personally, my favorite track off the EP is by far ”Stenio Keytar”. Simple and complex at the same time,  dark and the kind of beat you wish a dope artist could really give justice to ( I mean kill it ”rampage” style right?!).

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From music to fashion, something tells me that High Klassified is here to stay. What I also like about the ”Laval Ou Rien” producer, is the fact that although he’s living his best life, he remains humble and focus.

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