10 Montreal Blogs & InstaBlogs You MUST Follow In 2017

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10 Montreal Blogs   038  InstaBlogs You MUST Follow In 2017

Get To Know Your City With Those 10 Awesome Montreal Blogs!

Montreal is extremely diverse in terms of  arts, fashion & culture and sometimes the only way to really to get the full picture of what’s going on is to rely on your best source of information ever : Montreal Blogs & Instablogs!

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Name a topic and I guarantee you that there’s a specific blog or instablog that talks about it. Instagram to me became the perfect place to know who is who or what to do in Montreal.

When Facebook and Instagram are not enough,  you should definitely take your time to read out some of our local blogs. They have plenty of “we know it before everybody else” tips and information that can turn out be extremely useful.

Today we will overview some of the best Montreal Blogs & Instablogs you should definitely get to know in 2017

disclaimer: the order in which the blogs appear doesn’t determine their rank

mtl blog, montreal blogs, montreal restaurants, montreal entertainment

Cc: Fagstein

1.  Mtl Blog


Topics: restaurants, hot news, nightlife

With over a million and counting readers from all over the world, Mtl Blog is one of the most successful blogs in Montreal.

They gather exclusive information for Montrealers such as where to eat, places to visit, what party to attend and much more for any type of budget.

montreality, yg 4 hunnid, montreal blogs, montreal media

Cc: Montreality

2. Montreality

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook

Topics: hip hop, cartoon, celebrity news, 

Montreality is actually more than a blog, it’s a 360 media platform that provides the “crème de la crème” for hip hop heads. They also post the hot news, funny cartoons and much more for the real fans.

In their impressive roster of interviews, they sat down with some of your favorite Hip Hop artists such as Yg, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Future just to name a few.

You will always be in the loop and learn things you didn’t know about your favourite artists.

mtl promos, montreal photography, montreal restaurants

Cc: Mtl Promos

3. MTL Promos


Topics: food, events, sightseeing, lifestyle

Mtl Promos is one of the most useful Instablogs in Montreal. They master the 3 “What” in life : What To Do? What To See? What Is Hot?

You have the choice between breathtaking sights and skylines of the city, awesome places to visit and some of the best foodie heavens Montreal has to offer. If that’s what you’re into, Mtl Promos got you!


4. Mtl Blurb

mtlblurb.com, Youtube, Facebook

Topics: hot topics, the Montreal lifestyle, web series

Half tv show and half the best thing to watch on Youtube, Mtl Blurb taps into social issues in Montreal with a format the city definitely needed.

In their episodes, they bring out influencers to let them discuss about a hot topic in the city. Topics like things we need to know about Montreal and what needs to be done to push the culture forward.

Learn and get entertained in the process, welcome to the best of both worlds!

5.  Da Main Source


Topics: hip hop, entertainment, hot news, rap & battle rap scene

Da Main Source has a name that speaks for itself. I like to call them the “Kings Of The Underground” because they’ve created a platform for any upcoming artists in Montreal.

Urban news, hot freestyles, interviews and 8-miles like battle rap events are what you get on the menu. DMS is the place to be if you need your regular dose of local Hip Hop!

ton barbier, obxmedia, montreal, mtl blog, mtl blurb

Cc: Ton Barbier

6.  Ton Barbier (French Only)


Topics: fashion, grooming, nightlife, art & influencers

Ton Barbier is the “Go To Blog” when it comes to what’s going in the urban world. They provide lifestyle tips, giveaways, event coverage and their girl crush series are amazing!

It’s the only place where perfect fades, style tips and beautiful women are put together properly!

cult mtl, lifestyle blog, lifestyle blogger

Cc: Cult Mtl

7 .  Cult MTL


Topics: Art, Hot News, Music, Fashion, Culture

Cult Mtl is a 360 platform like we haven’t seen in a while. Indeed, on top of their daily articles they also have a monthly publication that circles around arts, fashion, music and culture in a very informative way.

They also cover music shows and their reviews are crazy!


Cc: Ootd MtL

8.  Ootd MTL

ootdmtl.com, Instagram

Topics: fashion enthusiasts from Montreal in their “outfit of the day””

When you need inspiration for your next outfit or if you need to know which influencer you would like to collab with; Ootd Mtl has that fire for you! Ootd stands for “outfit of the day” so they open their platform for fashion enthusiasts from all over the city.

they post the “ootds” on a daily basis so you might be next!

inter-peura, music blog, music media, french rap, quebec rap

Cc: Inter-peura

9.  Inter-Peura (French Only)


Topics: hip hop, entertainment, hot news

Hip Hop is alive more than ever with platforms like Inter-Peura. They discuss about different aspects of the culture especially for French rappers.

They provide exclusive interviews, freestyles and content for readers who like to keep up with what’s going on locally and internationally .

mtl prodigies montreal instagram

Cc: Mtl Prodigies

10.  Mtl Prodigiies


Topics: talented people & artists from Montreal and their creative process

Mtl Prodigies is your open window to the artistic scene in Montreal at large. They’re focused mostly on visual artists and they also let them open up about their story and who they are.

this Instablog has gems that’ll make your feed more enjoyable and you will get to know some of the amazing artists that Montreal has to offer.

What Do You Think?

Of course we might have missed some blogs or Instablogs that are definitely worth your time but as we mentioned earlier there’s thousand trillion of them that are doing a good job! Out of the 10 Montreal Blogs & Instablogs we’ve just mentioned, what would be your top 5?

Let us know about your favorite Montreal blogs in the comment section now!


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