Bring Back Your Favorite Classic Atari Games With The New Atari Box

Bring Back Your Favorite Classic Atari Games With The New Atari Box!

The Real Is Back!

Classic Atari Games Are Back, Thanks To The Atari Box!

Brace yourselves dear hardcore retro games players because the classic Atari games will re-emerge in a TV screen near you pretty soon!

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Indeed, Atari is launching a new console called the Atari Box which will feature some of the classic Atari games such as Pong, Rollercoaster Tycoon & Pac-Man!

They remained pretty vague about the release date or if we will get a revamped version of the classics or not. Regardless, to me, this new console is a way to reconnect to my childhood (even though Nintendo became L-I-F-E very quickly after).

Only a few 90’s babies will remember when Atari was the Sony of its time. My uncle introduced me to it as a kid. I would literally drop the Sega Genesis for a day to immerse myself in those classic Atari games.

I think it was their overall simplicity that made them a huge success in those days. As a 20 something man now, I can’t help but think that some lights-flashing-complex-as-hell games can’t really survive the test of times (San Andreas gets a pass though).

Watch The New Atari Box Now!

Let’s revisit some of their classics so you can refresh your memory. Here’s a quick list of the games that are featured in the Atari Box.


pac-man atari 1977

Cc: via Reddit


Pac-Man is that type of games that can either make you break your controller out of anger or zone out eternity as you’re playing. I bet most of our readers who ever played with this game remember when they heart was racing when the blue ghosts came through!

pong atari games video games classic video games

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To me Pong is the spiritual grandfather of “Pinball“. Pong is those type of games that make or break a friendship. It literally puts your competitive spirit on steroids and any goes (my cousin even punched me in the ribs at one point).




Mario & Nintendo owe a lot to Pittfall. Even though today it may seems graphically outdated, this particular made even a ADHD kid like me focus for hours (and shouting when I had “Game Over” moments)

Would You Give It A Try

I’m wondering how many of our readers will cruise down memory lanes and reconnect the the classic Atari games? Is there a particular game you expect to be in the Atari Box?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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