Learn How Betty Esperanza Is Making The World A Better Place One Skate Deck At A Time


Learn How Betty Esperanza Is Making The World A Better Place One Skate Deck At A Time

With A Skate Deck And A Good Heart, Betty Esperanza Became A Voice For Underprivileged Kids!

Social issues are at an all-time high in society right now and while we’re still wondering how to make a change, there’s actually a Montrealer making it happen one skate deck at a time!

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Indeed, Betty Esperanza made it her journey to help kids become the best version of themselves through skateboarding. Founding her own organization called Skateboards For Hope,  they gave over a thousand skateboards in different countries over a decade!

Skateboards For Hope is not your typical organisation. It’s a movement that goes beyond skateboarding. It’s powered by people sharing the same passion and it’s a vehicle of change for the community.

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cC: via Betty Esperanza Facebook page

Besides giving away skateboards in Uganda, Cuba, Canada and different parts of the world, Skateboards For Hope also provide sponsorships for athletes of the first nations and girls who fight for their place in this sport.

Today we will make you discover the incredible story of an incredible woman who devoted her entire life to making a change!

How It All Started?

A couple years ago, Miss Esperanza took a trip to Cuba and brought her own skateboard. She got approached by a kid who was very curious about the sport and how to use skateboards.  Even though it’s a huge phenomenon now, skateboarding didn’t reach the Cuban community at the time.

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Cc: Martin Chaberland

The little boy was able to enjoy the skateboard during her stay and she eventually gave it to him. Little did she know, this kid became a skateboard legend in Havana and promoted the sport throughout the country.

An act of kindness transformed into an ”Ah Ah” moment in seconds for the entrepreneur to be. Now realizing that a simple skate deck could have such an impact on a kid, it was time to repeat the experience but on a bigger scale.

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cC: via Skateboards For Hope’s Fb Page

Why Using Skateboards To Make A Change?

This is a fair question to ask at but looking at how Skateboards For Hope changed lives over the years, you can’t question their impact.

Skateboarding as a sport creates a community spirit like only a few can. There are a lifestyle and a mindset attached to it that create bonds between athletes regardless of their backgrounds.

The sport itself involves falling, getting back on your feet and perfecting your craft over and over again. This teaches the kids patience, self-confidence and gives them the courage to tackle different challenges in their life.

When this community spirit is established, the possibilities are limitless. Bringing those kids together allows them to become their own support system through thick and thin.

With her approach, Miss Esperanza is able to teach the kids how to be entrepreneurs, how to create projects together while offering them a chance to surpass themselves.

Combining Art To A Good Cause

Bringing people together for the greater good is what Betty Esperanza does for a living (literally). Giving away a plain skate deck to kids wasn’t enough for the social entrepreneur, they had to mean something.

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Cc: via Betty Esperanza facebook page

She convinced several artists from all around the world to create masterpieces out of the recycled skateboards that her organization collects. Miss Me Art was one of the artists that became a frequent collaborator to this initiative.

Kids now have access to something even more powerful and personalized while artists can use their creativity for a great cause. Even though the artwork will eventually get damaged, the kids can do what they love knowing that somewhere in the world, an artist thought about their well being.

Betty Esperanza In Her Own Words

A couple weeks ago, we sat down with the social entrepreneur to learn more about her story and initiative. In this interview, she opens up about what she has accomplished throughout the years and what the future looks like for Skateboards For Hope.

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