Upgrade Your Outifts With 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow Religiously

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Upgrade Your Outifts With 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow Religiously

Meet The Plug With Those 5 Instagram Accounts

When it comes to style, even the greats need some inspiration sometimes and you can definitely rely on instagram accounts to get some. Of course, creating an outfit takes time and taste but its always easier to start with a picture you’ve seen in a magazine or a website and put your own touch to it.

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For the past 2-3 years, instagram became the undisputed source for fashion inspiration especially for the incredible amount of fashion enthusiasts posting on a day to day basis.

Today, we have decided to make a list to help you upgrade your outfits with 5 instagram accounts to follow religiously. Those accounts will provide you daily suggestions for your outfits and introduce you to the fashion icons that shape trends as we know them!

1 @MenfashionReview

menfashionreview instagram fashion tips clothes

Cc; Menfashion Review

Menfashionreview is one the most followed instagram account surronding men fashion. With million of followers from all over the world. They post daily fashion enthusiasts, brands to look up for, celebrities and they also provide promo codes to get the best products with crazy discounts.

2 @PatchGame

@patchgame patches stiches customize create your style diy

Cc: PatchGame instagram

Patch your way to an outfit that will make you stand out like no other. Patch Game offers a wide variety of the best designers for patches and pins so you can customize your clothes and get creative with it.

3 @Montrealgotstyle (you know we had to right?!)

montrealgotstyle instagram account montreal fashion features

Cc: Montrealgotstyle instagram

Alot of our followers mostly know us from our daily shoutouts on Ig. Its been two years now that we have been posting daily outfits of various fashion enthusiasts from Montreal and many other places in the world. We also feature different local brands and designers from New York too.

4 @Prettyflysociety

pretty fly society fashion influencer black men influencer program

Cc: Prettysociety instagram

If you want to crack the code of how to be the best classic man in the world, Pretty Fly Society is the Ig account to follow for certain. Fedora hats, leather gloves, the “where you got them” loafers and many different outfits to step up your classy outfits this year.


PLNDR deals giveaways promo codes hashtag

Cc: PLNDR instagram

This is definitely streetwear fashion’s best kept secret, Plndr is an online outlet that provides their customers with crazy discounts on clothes and shoes from high end streetwear brands and underground ones too. You can get a complete outfit from them for as low as 60$!

They promote their deals on a day to day basis on their account so we suggest you to have a look from time to time to get the latest before everybody.

Be on the look out for our next articles, we will keep providing you with useful tips, accounts to follow and upcoming trends to help you get the best results for your outfits and style in general.

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