A Conversation About What Is A Power Couple With The Atkinson’s


A Conversation About What Is A Power Couple With The Atkinson  8217 s

What Is A Power Couple? The Atkinson’s Tell It Like It Is!

We often have this Hollywoodish idea of what is a power couple. A friendly version Mr & Mrs Smith where the goal is empowerment rather than killing each other. In reality, it’s a little bit of both.

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I’m far from married and although I should’ve changed my relationship status a while ago, I must admit that I’m happily ”In A Relationship” with my work for the moment. I’m not closedminded to the idea of finding my significant other but it’s basically like finding Nemo:

You Won’t Find It Until It Finds You!

As an entrepreneur and a man that runs around the world,  I often wonder if there’s really a woman that can keep up with this lifestyle. A woman that’ll understand the ups and downs, the broke days like the ”Let’s Go To Jamaica” days and the rollercoaster that comes with entrepreneurship.

Curious and eager to get out the tinder dates cycle, I’ve turned to a power couple that literally lives, breathes & eats entrepreneurship while enjoying every second of their marriage.

Stephanie & Ruben Atkinson are both running clothing lines, an annual fundraiser called Fashion In The City, traveling for business and raising kids. We wanted to find out the secret game plan to make a power couple work, here are the answers!

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MGSWhat’s Your Secret For A Perfect Work/Life Balance?


My wife is a crazy planner, I think she actually has 3 planners, you know those Calendars people write everything in! Yea, she is obsessed with those, so she plans, I edit and finalize the plan and we just work together.


That is sweet babe! But honestly we plan and plan and things can go as planned or a whole other route. We just try to have an open mind, because most of the time like 99% of the time things will never go as planned. But you have to roll with it

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MGS: How Did You Start Your Own Clothing Line?


Ruben came home one night and I remember we were watching a movie (before Netflix, we actually had no cable and was watching it on a DVD player) and I could not pay attention


Babe you never pay attention in movies, you always fall asleep, I actually knew something was up that night cause you did not fall asleep!



Well there was, my mind was racing. It was racing for numerous reasons

  1. Because I was about to ask my boyfriend if I can quit my job to start a Fashion Company (and I had no idea where to begin). 

      2.I had just got promoted so I was a manager like himself and was finally able to contribute to our new condo we had just got.

      3. I was worried that my childhood ambitions of being in the Fashion Industry was going to be brushed away like it had been in the past by others

      4. I was just his girlfriend not his wife, but I was about to ask him if I could take his Bank of America card and invest in my dream.


Well in the middle of the movie I blurted out: ”I hate my job, I just hate it. I was not made to do this, I want to design clothes again and I want to have our own online store”. 


Do you remember what I said?


Of course I do! You said ”Of course babe if that is what you want to do we can do it!”. And like that, Zipped Boutique was born- which later grew across borders and expanded to ZB The Label.

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MGS: As A Designer, What Inspires You?


EVERYTHING. I definitely have one of those creative brains that never turns off. From people, to places to city lights to Instagram. I am such a people lover, I love to see how they interact, what different cultures do, what they eat, how they dress. I really take it all in and then start a collection.


The struggle, it not only inspires me but motivates me to create a line that means something to someone.

MGS: If You Could Describe Your Journey As An Entrepreneur In One Word, What Would It Be?


I would have to say REWARDING. It is a great feeling working for yourself.


I agree but I would also use the word HECTIC. We work really hard, so our days are usually very long and usually hectic. But a good type of hectic.

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Cc: via The Atkinson’s


MGS: Is It Challenging To Be A Couple When Both Partners Are Entrepreneurs?


Finding balance. Many times my lovely wife will be patiently waiting for me to finish talking about whatever I’m saying to get in a word about a project she’s working on. But I actually enjoy it. I am so proud of my wife, and to see her in motion inspires me! As long as you aren’t so caught up in yourself I think overlapping projects should not be a problem.


Having projects and things that are pressing can be difficult especially if one partner feels as if what they are doing is more important than the other. But I think we are a bit different cause we actually like a bit of chaos. And some good old friendly competition never hurt anybody.

MGS: Do You Think An Entrepreneur Can Only Match With Another Entrepreneur?


Absolutely NOT! We understand each other cause we have the same passion and goals. But honestly, we met in high school and reconnected years later at a Chinese Food Restaurant.

She worked as a dental assistant and me at U Haul. I honestly couldn’t imagine things to turn out the way they did, entrepreneurship was not even in the near future when we met and we worked out just great!                                                                 


I agree! We had no idea we would even be here right now, so no. Love is love and you can find a life partner in any job.

MGS: Do You Have Any Advice Or Tips For A Young Couple Starting Their Relationship?


Transparency.  As long as the couple has an open relationship in the sense that both partners are open and clear on both of their expectations everything will be good. We know people with boyfriends or girlfriends that are absolutely clueless to the other partner’s agenda, and it is so dangerous. Our advice would be just to stay open and honest, and that if they feel like they cannot be truthful with their partner, that might not be the person for them.

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