Hack Your Way Out Of Stress With Light Therapy (It Really Works)


Hack Your Way Out Of Stress With Light Therapy  It Really Works

The 9th Wonder Of The Stressed Out Workaholic: Light Therapy

Responsibilities, stress, kids and a boss you hate like kicking the table with your little toe could take the best out of you and while you look for ways to not scream in your car after your 2 hours bumper to bumper in traffic, the solution was just under nose: light therapy!

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On a more serious note though. Between the irrational obsession about the money we think we should get, the clothes we should wear and the Instagram life we wish we had, health doesn’t always rank high in our mental ”To-Do List”.

Some people hit the gym, some people change their diet and like for everything else in the world, some people think outside the box! That’s exactly what came to my mind when I first heard of light therapy.

Being surrounded by light on a daily basis, you don’t think about its effects on you. Would you believe that a light therapy session could actually make you look younger, reduce stress and make you lose weight all at the same time?

Centre Helight is the first health center that focuses on this new technology. It has just opened in Montreal and we felt like we might have a couple of our workaholic readers that could be a good fit for a session.

Here’s what you need to know before you give your stressed-out self a treat at this new place (because trust me you will!)

How It Works

Of course, there’s a complex scientific process behind why the light can be beneficial for your body. To keep informative, simple and help you make a mental image. In terms of setup, it looks like your regular tanning session.

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Perhaps, the light system they’re using literally stimulates your immune system and although you don’t come out beach-ready, you definitely feel better! Their device called the Helight™ PRO, does all the magic in sessions going from 5 to 10 minutes.

You don’t any assistance nor special preparation, you sit, back relax and let go of whatever went down that specific day.

For Who?

-Athletes or white collar workers who need to relax their muscles.

-The ”Always Running Around” entrepreneur

-The Anti-Aging worriers

Yes light therapy has a solution for all this. It relaxes your muscles, improves your blood circulation, stops hair loss and so many things you couldn’t even think of. Check out their website for information about the benefits.

Centre Helight

445 Avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montreal, QC H3A 1J5

Do You Think Light Therapy Can Really Make A Change?

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