5 Black Entrepreneurs From Montreal To Discover & Support This Black History Month

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5 Black Entrepreneurs From Montreal To Discover   038  Support This Black History Month

Black Entrepreneurs From Montreal Are Making Their Presence Felt Like Never Before

As the black history month is coming to an end (which should be celebrated throughout the whole year if you ask me) , I felt like it was the right timing to show our black entrepreneurs from Montreal some love.

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The entrepreneurial spirit is at an all time high in Montreal. Opportunities that seemed pretty far-fetched just a decade ago are now attainable.

Thanks to the internet or the thousand times you’ve watched ”The Founder” on Netflix and told yourself : ”Damn, I can do this!’‘.

We came a long way man. black entrepreneurs from Montreal struggling for recognition and equal opportunities and here we are today taking over.

Just think about it. A blogger like me with just a broken English, a laptop and dope ideas is actually nominated for a Gala Dynastie (at least my mom knew it from the start).

So today let’s make things right ”For Us By Us” style because if not who else will?

We will introduce ya’ll to 5 black entrepreneurs from Montreal you need to discover & support not only because they are successful or on their way to be.

Simply because the only way for us to really get ourr just due is to empower each other!

black entrepreneurs from montreal, montreal entrepreneurs, danielle murell cox, black queens book

Cc: via Danielle’s facebook

#1 Danielle Murell Cox

Founder of DMC MTL


In the black community representation is one of the main issues.

Mainstream platforms don’t really showcase people of color that much and when they do, they often times miss the mark or use stereotypes.

Growing up as a kid I remember vividly telling my mom how strange it was to me to never see someone looking like me on TV.

Danielle Murell Cox knew two things; she’s a talented graphic designer AND she wants to make a change.

Combining her skills and a desire to impact the next generation, she released a coloring book with characters representing black boys and girls.

Little did she know, this project would turn into a worldwide phenomenon with features in ”Now This”, Breakfast Television and library stores.

Expanding her soon to be empire, Danielle is now working on opening a creative studio and create more projects around her initial concepts.

annie louis, audax, black lawlyer

cC: via Annie’s Facebook

#2 Annie Louis

Founder of Amlea Avocats & Aimhigher

Some say it might takes you a whole lifetime to make your dream come true.

Annie Louis perhaps made her dreams come true both professionally and business wise and  .

Indeed following up getting her law degree, this young entrepreneur made a risky yet rewarding choice to change the dynamic of career forever.

Instead of pursuing a slow and unsatisfying climb on the corporate ladder; she decided to create her own firm.

These days, Annie also delves into running a business school to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Between speaking engagements and running her businesses. Miss Louis really embodies what it is to make it as a person of color and then pay it forward.

renzel f dashington, les bad boys du rire, black entrepreneurs from montreal

Cc: via Renzel’s Facebook

#3 Renzel F. Dashington

Founder of Cereale Killers Podcast & Manager at Les Bad Boys Du Rire


Les Bad Boys Du Rire

Cereales Killers Podcast


Remember when we talked about representation earlier?

Entertainment & media plays a huge part in that. When you look around LCN, TVA and the Juste Pour Rires of the world; ain’t too much melanin-poppin going on right?!

It leaves people of colour with 3 distinctive options : 1- sell out to be included, 2-become the best to the point where they have no choice to include you or 3-build your own platform.

Option 3 is what Renzel is all about.  He choose to BE a voice himself with his Cereale Killers Podcast and GIVE a voice to others by managing a platform called ”Les Bad Boys Du Rire’‘.

What’s amazing about ”Les Bad Boys Du Rire” is the fact that it provides a stage and an audience to up and coming humorists across the city.

From Aba & Preach. Jmj, Dolino El Africano just to name a few.

This movement brings out Sold out crowds and a place filled with laughter, jokes and issues that you can actually  relate to.

mactar mbaye, black entrepreneurs from montreal, montreal entrepreneurs, real estate

Cc: via Mactar’s facebook

#4 Mactar Mbaye

Founder of Le Mac Immobilier





The real estate market and its secrets can be a helluva roller coaster. Mactar Mbaye made it a career and he SHARES it with  the world.

Find something that nobody understands and break it down to a point where people can get it; you will win.

From his Youtube channel and social media pages; he drops the gems on a daily basis.

I think that’s what Mactar embodies is a genuine will to inform people about something which often take years to comprehend.

The young entrepreneur is now a leader in this industry. You have a project in mind? You want to know how it works? He’s the go-to-guy.

From flipping houses to giving out keynotes about how to be a successful real estate investor; this is the journey of a mogul in the making.















black entrepreneurs from montreal, never was average, hanna che, harry forbez

#5 Hanna Che & Harry Forbez (Never Was Average)

Founders of Never Was Average 




Making changes to how society is built is a long process but the foundation of it all will always be one thing : discussion.

Hanna Che & Harry Forbez made it their mission to provide a platform for those voices of tomorrow.

Through art installations, panels and more recently an exposition at the Musée Des Beaux Arts, the collective understands the power of bringing people together.

From networking opportunities, promotion for local artists and through discussions to empower the community as a whole, Never Was Average is home to a multitude of creatives who want to make a change.

What really makes it work is their ability to spark their audience’s interests through art and creative projects.

For those out there who believe that art can cure the world, well these two entrepreneurs are making it happen event after event.

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