Grind In Style & Easier With A Multi-Purpose Backpack By Playbag

Far From Your Average Backpack!

Grind In Style   038  Easier With A Multi Purpose Backpack By Playbag

Get Yourself A Multi-Purpose Backpack From Playbag & Go Conquer The World!

As young professionals we often have to trade our week-end skater look for a three piece suit & a briefcase but recently Playbag brought back the best of both worlds with their multi-purpose backpack!

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 Multi-Purpose : Wear It At Work With Ease And Still Make Fashion Statements On Your Off Days!

Playbag is a brand we’ve discovered recently on Instagram. The few pictures we saw at first made us automatically understood that they were up to something.

This Montreal based brand is hailing from Czech Republic. This European brand already established a name for itself for their design and focus on craftsmanship.

As our city provide a ton of trendsetters, they chose Montreal as their first location to build a presence in North America .

Today we will overview our favorite multi-purpose backpack and show you why you will become a fan too!

volta silver back fashion montreal brand, designer

Cc: Playbag




Price: 225$

Where To Buy:

As you can see, Playbag as a great eye for bringing simplicity and “outside of the box” details!

Metallic silver and beige leather straps well harmonized together.

Definitely not your average backpack!




multipurpose backpack montreal fashion accessory

Cc: Playbag




  • Padded back with laptop sleeve
  • Leather straps
  • Handbag buttons under straps
  • Three pockets


  • tarpaulin, leather details, waterproof






playbag canada multipurpose backback stylish accessory montreal brand

Cc: Playbag



Price: 339$

Where To Buy:

This piece has what we can call a “Russian nesting doll” effect. Judging by the outside design you may think that you will run out of pockets but the creatives at Playbag created the product for that purpose.

Indeed, this multi-purpose backpack has pockets hidden in pockets, a laptop compartment and much more.

In simple words, you should definitely add this to your bucket list as your “grind ready” bag.


backpack pockets canadian brand montreal fashion

Cc: Playbag



  • Leather bottom
  • Side pockets Inner zip up pocket
  • Laptop compartment
  • Leather straps for the top with metal buckles
  • Closable plastic pocket under the cover


  • Leather
playbag arigato, backpack brand, european design, montreal designer

Cc: Playbag



Price: 205$ 

Where To Buy:

This backpack caught our eye from the get go because of the color  and the nice fabric applied to it.

We love to see brands that are socially conscious when they create products. Indeed this bag is the perfect item for Vegans.

The fabrics and materials used didn’t come from any animal which make this backpack a great choice for cool guys and conscious buyers.

Once again functionality and style are the essence of their work!


  • A4 format compartment
  • Tough cotton straps
  • YKK zippers
  • Padded back
  • Padded straps come optional for purchase




More About Playbag

For more information about this new brand, you can visit their website now and get to know their other products, features and upcoming pop up shops!

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What Do You Think?

We’re looking forward to see for what Playbag will bring to the table for their new collection. Would you try to use their multi-purpose backpack?


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